Britannia Bourbon Review

Today we have a very interesting food product. This is the Britannia original Bourbon biscuits. Bourbon biscuits are there since long time. This product is from the company Britannia. This is the packaging of the product. Looks very nice attractive design. Here it is about the company. Made with love since 1955. The original Britannia Bourbon is since 1955 by the company Britannia.

Britannia Bourbon Review

Britannia Bourbon Review


Here are the Ingredients. Refined wheat flour(maida) sugar 35%, edible vegetable oil (palm), edible starch, cocoa solids, milk solids, raising agents, emulsifiers and iodised salt. It also contains natural and synthetic food colours. Also added flavours. This was all about the ingredients.

Britannia Bourbon Review

Nutritional Information

Let’s check out the nutritional information. Per hundred gram product it is having 72 gram carbohydrates, 37.5 gram sugar, protein 5 gram, fat 20 gram, saturated fatty acids 10 gram, monounsaturated fatty acids 7.7 gram, trans fatty acids 0 and also no cholesterol it. Is having price of rupees 30 as mentioned and it is having weight of 150 gram. No trans fatty acids and no cholesterol. Very good thing.

Britannia Bourbon Review

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It’s very nice package as you can see from the company Britannia. We can’t wait to open the package of this product. Let’s check out the Bourbon biscuits. We will do the unboxing soon of this package. It is completely vegetarian. These are flavoured biscuits by the company Britannia.

User Experience

We will open the package. Can’t wait to have these Bourbon biscuits. As expected it is having a very nice plastic tray inside, where the biscuits are very properly kept. Biscuits in this tray are very nicely kept and they are not at all damaged. Very nice packaging by the company. Full points for packaging for sure. As we can see, very Nice biscuits. It is having a Sprinkle of sugar. It is having cream inside.  Let’s taste it out guys. Can’t wait for sure. As we can see there are 15 biscuits in one tray. Per pack of 150 gram you get 15 biscuits. Per biscuit is of 10 grams. You can actually serve them in a tray at home.

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Final Verdict

You can enjoy it during snacks, during tea, coffee and milk. Really tastes amazing. We tasted it out for sure. Wow! Looks so amazing. Bourbon is one of my favourite biscuits. You can see the cream chocolate looks very much delicious. Will eat one, oh nice. The taste is as it is since many years. No change at all as per our observation. Very nice product. If you want to purchase it, check out the link below.

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