Mr Butler Sodamaker Review – How to make soda in seconds

Want to know how you can make soda in seconds? Well its very simple and easy process. Do you love drinking soda? Well we love soda flavoured drinks, now we can make them at home with ease. Today we have Mr Butler Sodamaker. Make fresh soda in seconds.

Mr Butler Sodamaker Review - How to make soda in seconds

You can make soda at your home or anywhere with ease. This is the package, soon we will do the unboxing. There are various colour variants and we have got the white colour variant of this device. No electric connection is needed. It is totally mechanical based.

Mr Butler Sodamaker Review

We will talk about how you can use it. This soda maker is powered by a CO2 cylinder. You can easily turn the plane water to a sparkling soda with ease in seconds. It also gives you flexibility to create your own sparkling drinks by adjusting the fizziness and flavour level to your personal taste.

This is the method of how you can make it. We will show you the process in detail. One CO2 cylinder will provide you 30 litres of sparkling soda. We’ll show you how you can make the soda soon. It is having a price of rupees 3400. Let’s check out what all is in this package.

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This is the soda maker itself. It comes with a 500ml BPA-free PET. This is the CO2 cylinder. It is the Food grade CO2 gas cylinder. We have unwrapped the plastic casing. We can see the nice product design. Very much lucrative. Very much attractive design and you can place it anywhere at your home or any place.

This is the user manual provided with the soda maker. You can read the instructions before assembling it. We will also show you the process of how you can assemble it. There are a lot of things. You can make soda of your flavour you can add flavours with ease.

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To place the cylinder inside we will press on the release catches and remove the back cover. We will also remove the red cap from the cylinder. In this way you can place the CO2 gas cylinder into the soda maker. Make sure you place it well.

In this way in the clockwise direction you can fix the gas cylinder. Again put on the back cover. The design looks amazing. The white colour looks very much lucrative, and very much professional and elegant look. You can also keep the soda maker in your kitchen or also in the living room.

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It will give a very nice aesthetic look to your interiors of your home or office or anywhere. Now in this way you can open it. You can press the front panel and open the front door. You can see the PET bottle. So we are filling it up with chilled water. We’re filling it up till the waterline.

This is a 500ml PET bottle which comes with the soda maker itself. Put chilled water for more good Sparkling soda and good taste. This is the lid. You can make the soda and put on the lid later on. We will make the soda. Put on the bottle, in the clockwise direction affix it.

Press the button gently. In this way the sparkling soda is ready. If you want to make stronger soda then you can press the button more times. Three times will give you a good medium flavour. If you want a strong soda then you can press it for more times.

You can remove the bottle easily as shown. We will put on the Kokum flavour and then put on the soda. Enjoy the drink. As you can see it’s a very simple process. You can make the sparkling soda anytime and put on the flavour. With this package you also get a free 1000 ml bpa-free PET bottle.

You can store the soda inside it after making it and you can enjoy it anytime. The best part is that you can make the soda itself at your home. You can save a lot of money. If you love soda then you can make it. You can use fresh water of your home so you don’t have to worry about the water from outside while having soda.

Make soda at your home and enjoy with delicious flavours. Mix it with mocktails and enjoy it. We have made this kokum soda and it was very much delicious. It has Kokum Jeera flavour. You can add any flavour and you can enjoy soda with your family.

Make delicious soda and enjoy it with your family and friends. In this pandemic there is no need to purchase soda from outside. It’s really important to have a germ free life. Make sure you make it inside at your home using the Mr Butler Sodamaker.

You can make 30 litres of soda with one refill. After 30 litres you can again refill the Co2 cylinder easily. You can call Mr Butler and you can get it from their dealers. It’s really easy and important to make tasty soda. You can eat it after lunch or dinner.

You can just enjoy it. If you want to purchase this Mr Butler sodamaker it is having a price of MRP rupees 3400, but if you want discount kindly check out the link below. Watch the video for better understanding of the process and how easy it is to make the soda.

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