Hotel Shree Special Misal House Review – Best Misal in Baner, Pune

Today we will talk about our experience of recently visited Hotel Shree special Misal house. This Misal house is stated at the Baner – Aundh Link Road in Pune. If you want to have a breakfast or good lunch then you can enjoy Misal anytime.

Hotel Shree Special Misal House Review - Best Misal in Baner, Pune

It is one of the most favourite dishes in Maharashtrian breakfast recipes for sure. We also visited this special Misal house and we will talk about our experience. This is the misal, so we can see the Pav, farsan misal. This is the sample, these are the Pav, those were very much soft and very much tasty.

Hotel Shree Special Misal House Review

If you like more liquid misal, then you can add good amount of sample. If you want spicy misal then you can add the Tarri. You can make the misal more spicy and tastier. Very much neatly presented dish. Also well served. It got served in very much less amount of time.

No such waiting time and you will be served very much quickly. They also have a lot of things like tea, coffee, cold coffee and a lot of stuff, you can check out their menu. Also they serve you onion, which is very much needed in the misal, which adds good amount of Taste.

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Farsan was also very much tasty in the misal which is very important ingredient in a misal. We did enjoyed it with Solkadhi and also with the buttermilk. You can enjoy misal in your breakfast time also at lunch. If you are very much hungry, it’s very much tasty. I can’t wait to have it.

As you can see I really enjoyed this misal. If you haven’t tried Misal, then it should be tried for sure. Do visit the outlet and must try the Misal out. They have a very special dish which is the special misal and you can enjoy it with Solkadhi and buttermilk which will give you good taste.

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It’s important to enjoy food at the best places. If you want to visit the outlet, check out the link below, you will get the Google Map link. If you are near around in Baner or in Pune city, then you can visit this restaurant for sure.

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