Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Brightening and Radiance Sandalwood Cream Review – Men Cream

Men always are in doubt of using a cream for their rugged skin. Well this problem is solved with the product which we have for you. Today we have an interesting product. We are unpacking it. This is the Blue Nectar SHUBHR Brightening & Radiance Sandalwood Cream for Men.

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Brightening and Radiance Sandalwood Cream Review

Product Design

This is the packaging, lovely packaging. It is having Ayurvedic Herbs which include aloe vera, haldi, mulhethi, Manjishta, Ashwagandha and more. We have opened the box. Cream is properly kept in this box. Very nice box, very nice casing. We will remove the jar. It is a glass jar.

It is a 50 gram cream. There are some notes. This is some information about the Blue Nectar brand. They have various products. They have a good product range as well. You can check their products in the link below as well.

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There are various Herbs in the Blue Nectar products. Herbs present in these products are sourced from various parts of India. These are the list of the other products from Blue Nectar. This is a very nice jar. This is a glass jar, this is a premium product design. It is certainly very much elegant.

It does have a premium look for sure. We can’t wait to open it and check it for sure. Blue Nectar Sandalwood skin brightening cream is a light quick to absorb-free cream for men. Men’s skin being rugged, demands special attention and stronger formulation.

It is mentioned, reduced dark spots are result of hundred percent Ayurvedic brightening and Radiance cream. 13 vital Herbs are blended to make it suitable for all skin types. These things are mentioned. There are also directions to use which will talk later.

Expiry is 3 years from manufacturing date which is amazing. Though it is advised to use it on a daily basis for good results. We have opened the lid. There is a very nice plastic lid as well. There is good protection for the cream inside this glass jar. Very amazing product design.

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We are pretty much impressed with this product design for sure. This is the cream. We will certainly try it out. In this face cream for men, is perfect blend of Ayurvedic herbs. It helps to reduce uneven skin tone and help to lighten the skin. Helps to add Radiance and Glow to the skin.

Product Details

Moisture is the skin, making it feel perfectly hydrated and fresh throughout the day. This is a powerful Ayurvedic base formula created from the finest of Sandalwood. It has rich Sandalwood along with 13 other vital Herbs. It helps to lighten and brighten the uneven skin, reduces dark circles and pigmentation marks with its balance formulation.

Cream is suitable for rugged skin of men. These are the ingredients mentioned, directions to use. Also it’s important that it is sulphate and paraben free. Store in a cool and dry place. For external use only. Sandalwood helps to de tan and remove dark spots.

User Experience

Mulhethi contains minerals or acid that help to overcome dark skin colour and ensures skin whitening. We will test it out. Before applying, clean your face using a face wash. Then massage peanut drop size cream cream with firm hands, using a upward massage stroke on face as well as on neck.

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It is advised to be used on a daily basis. In this way you can apply the cream on your face. Make sure you apply it completely. It has turmeric which helps to soothe dry skin and reduce dark circles. You get Good quantity of 50 gram cream. Any guesses for the price? It is priced at rupees 1095 only, that is the MRP.

If you want heavy discount, do check out the link below, you will be amazed to get this discount. We did liked this cream. I am using it on a daily basis. Getting decent results. We loved this product, it is having amazing product design. It is a must buy for all men.

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