Life Quinoa Puffs Review – Cream and Onion

Are you looking for healthy snacks? Well you must have healthy food to be fit in this pandemic of Covid-19. How are you doing this lockdown? Hope you are safe. Today we have interesting healthy snack product. This is the Quinoa Puffs Cream and Onion from Life, A Home Alone brand.

Life Quinoa Puffs Review

Life Quinoa Puffs Review

This is the package, and this is the product. Munch now feel wow. It is having net weight of 75 gram and has MRP of rupees 120. If you want to purchase it check out the link in the description below. You need healthy snacks for sure. Whenever you are munching food, make sure that you are eating healthy snacks as well.

Nutritional Facts

We will talk about the nutritional facts. Per hundred gram you get 499.6 kilocalories energy, 18.71 gram protein, 53.54 gram total carbohydrates, 18.4 gram fat, 0 milligram cholesterol. No cholesterol that’s amazing. 464 millagram Sodium and dietary fibre is 6.3 gram.

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It has ingredients which include Quinoa Flour, cream and onion seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, cheese powder, sugar, iodised salt and edible vegetable oil. It also contains added flavours. Natural flavours and natural flavouring substances and nature identical flavouring substances.

Quinoa Puffs – Cream and Onion

Do not buy pack if found tampered. It is high in taste, gluten-free, high in protein. It is healthy munchies. You have to store in a cool, dry and hygienic place. Once opened, consume immediately or store in an airtight container. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.


As we can see it is having a very nice package. This is the lid so we are opening the lid . As we can see, it is having a very nice Tin lid, so will open that as well. We’ll show you how to open it. There are instructions also mentioned. We are opening the product.

Life Quinoa Puffs Review

There is kind of a bottle opener. Check out the below video to know how we opened the package. Just pull towards yourself and easily you can see the product is open. Wow amazing fragrance for sure. I can’t wait to eat it. These are the Quinoa Puffs. Cream and onion flavour.

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Cream and onion flavours are one of our favourite flavours for sure. We can’t wait to taste it out. Wow feels good. It’s very yummy I want to eat more. I will talk about more features of it as well. I will talk about our experience with these Quinoa puffs by the brand, Life – A Home Alone brand. These are having flavour of cream and onion.

User Experience

Basically having a healthy snack is important because in the middle hours from lunch to dinner or between the breakfast and lunch you want to Munch food. As you can see after eating some, you can put on the lid, this plastic lid. The snacks is kept airtight safely in the container.

It’s a very good container, very nice package for sure. It is an airtight packaging. These are the Quinoa puffs. Not only it looks amazing, it has amazing fragrance. I just had one I can’t wait to eat more and tell you my experience as well.

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These are 100% roasted and they are for all age groups. These are cheesy, creamy and it has onion flavour as well. It is high in taste, it is gluten-free and high in protein as well. It’s a very much good healthy snack. You can munch anytime.

Final Verdict

This monsoon enjoy the Quinoa Puffs Cream and onion. You can use it whenever you want. These are very much delicious and healthy as per our experience. To change yourself you got to have healthy diet. You cannot compromise taste whenever you have healthy food. If you want to purchase it, check out the link below.

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