Breakbounce Winter Collection Review

Winter is coming! Well it is not only a dialogue from a popular series but in reality it is coming. Are you ready for this winter? If you all men are looking to style with the latest collection of Breakbounce then you are reading at the right time. This is the best time to shop just before the Diwali season for your winter collection.

Breakbounce has introduced an amazing Autumn Winter 2016 collection. So we got hands on some of this collection. Breakbounce is India`s forst streetwear brand focuses on trend setting collection. As per the company this collection showcases experimental designs and premium fabrics. This will enable the youth of the country to enjoy the global streetwear trends.

Front View of Chester Navy Shirt

This collection includes an entire range of trendy sweaters, sweatshirts, pullovers, shirts, joggers, knits, denims, chinos and tees. We can see the detailing done on every aspect of the design, let it be the collars, pockets or the buttons. So we have used some of this collection and enjoyed exploring this collection.

Breakbounce Winter Collection Review

Maitri Red Shorts

Breakbounce Winter Collection Review

Well we always like to roam in shorts for a lot of time. Let it be our home or visiting the nearby grocery store. Shorts are all time favourite for all of us. Well Breakbounce has an interesting product named as Maitri Red Shorts. Let us talk about the design of these shorts.

The color is like cranberry red. The quality of the fabrics is nice. Its comfortable to wear and the 2 Pockets seem to be having decent quality. There is also a small pocket on the right side above the bigger pocket. There is a button and a chain in the shorts. There are hooks for the belt as well.

Breakbounce Winter Collection Review
Rear view of the shorts

On the back side there 2 pockets. These pockets in the back can be locked with a button. The button is hidden inside the double flap. This is a good design as these buttons will not make you feel uneasy while sitting. So a cool design and a lot of thoughts while making these ones.

At the back above the right side pocket you can see the breakbounce branding. Very comfortable and must buy shorts for causal use in house or also on the beach. 🙂

Hedaru Red Orange Joggers

Breakbounce Winter Collection Review
Front view of Joggers

Well do you like jogging? Or you like to go on an evening walk with night getting colder, these are perfect for you. The Hadaru Red Orange Joggers are perfect for jogging and also for enjoying the walk in a cold morning or evening. Let us talk about the design of these joggers.

Breakbounce Winter Collection Review
Rear view of the Joggers

The color is like Red Oxide and the fabric is thick and perfect in the winter. We did liked the quality of the joggers. If we minutely check the design there are small black arrows pointing upwards. These look elegant from far. There is elastic on the hips and there is also a dark blue lace.

Breakbounce Winter Collection Review

There is also elastic at the tips of the legs of these joggers. There are two pockets in the front on right and left side. On the back there are 2 vertical pockets. We can see the Breakbounce branding above the right side of the pocket in the back. Its mentioned in short BRKBNC.

When we jogged around for a while with these joggers they very soothing and comfortable. Its a must buy for the winters indeed.

Darthmouth Black Trousers

Breakbounce Winter Collection Review
Front view of Darthmouth Black Trousers

These are the ultimate winter trousers which will add the style statement to your appearance. These look very cool and yes in winter, Black color is always welcome and so is for this trouser. The color also looks like Black Pearl. Trousers are always a must with a shirt or in a formal getup.

Breakbounce Winter Collection Review
Rear view of Darthmouth Black Trousers

It has very minute grey square dots which gives a premium look to the trouser. There are two side pockets on the front. There are Two packets at the back plus one small pocket on the right side. This small pocket is above the right pocket in the back.

There is branding of breakbounce in right hand side of the trouser. There are hooks for the belt. On the tip of the legs when you fold the trouser you also get to see a nice design. Well I liked this design as you can wear these trousers on the streets with ease. The quality is again decent and is comfortable indeed for long walks for sure.

Chester Navy Shirt

Breakbounce Winter Collection Review
Front View of Chester Navy Shirt

I love full sleeve shirts and this one is perfect in the winter. It keeps you warm in this winter and also it is very comfortable indeed. The color is so amazing that it will suit many of the trousers and jeans. The color of the shirt is very Dark Blue and also looks great.

Front View of Chester Navy Shirt

When you wear the shirt you feel the premium touch and you get a good amount of confidence indeed. There are buttons for wearing the shirt and the top button is a special one, as it needs very less efforts to put it on or unhook the button. The color is plain and there are no pockets to this shirt.

It is so nice that it looks cool with any trouser very cool. Best for enjoying your street walk. This shirt is a casual shirt mainly made for the street. The quality is certainly up to the mark. You can see the Breakbounce branding at the bottom of the shirt.

Final Verdict

Winter is coming, and lets enjoy this winter by enjoying the trendy autumn winter collection by breakbounce. We liked the comfortness and quality of the products of this collection for sure. The pricing is also in budget for the trendsetters. So go ahead and shop online!

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