Lass Naturals Hand Rub Gel Review – Melon Flavour Sanitizer

Nowadays there is a lot of difficulty in the pandemic Covid-19. You have to be safe from the germs and viruses. You need to carry a good hand rub Gel or sanitizer with you. This is a very interesting product from lass Naturals. It is 73 having 70% alcohol, kills 99.9% germs.

Lass Naturals Hand Rub Gel Review - Melon Flavour Sanitizer

Lass Naturals Hand Rub Gel Review

It has organic aloe vera and natural betane. It is Ultra moisturizing and it is paraben and sulphate free as well. It is having net volume of 120 ml and has MRP of rupees 60 rupees. Rs 60 MRP is very less and it’s very much budget friendly for sure. You don’t have to think much about the budget and you have to grab a good sanitizer or a good hand rub gel just like this.

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It helps in hand disinfection at Clinics, Laboratories, Hospitals and also other Health Care settings. As it is having very much higher alcohol it’s very good disinfectant your hands quickly and it does not need any rinsing with water on drying with a towel.

We can carry it with you in your bags, in your purses anywhere. It has a lot of ingredients which includes organic aloe vera and also glycerine and many much other extracts. Hand rub gel is having five different fragrances to keep your hands safe and moisturized for 24 hours as per the company.

You have to be safe and sanitize yourself continuously wherever you go, wherever you touch. Just happy reminder to beat the virus for sure. We are now opened the package. In this way you can use this hand rub gel as shown to you. We have used it, wherever we go we carry it with us.

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It’s a very nice travel friendly product. You can carry it with you in your pockets for sure. In such a manner you can sanitize your hands easily. This is a hand Rub Gel. It will keep your hands germa free all the time. This is a very good product you should keep it with you for sure to kill the germs.

Final Verdict

In this pandemic you should have a good hand rub gel or sanitizer with you. This is the Lass Naturals hand rub Gel. 60 rupees is like nothing, it’s really important to keep your health safe. If you want to purchase it, check out the link below. Also do watch our video review of this product.

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