My Mall Onion Flakes Fried Review

Hi! How are you doing this lockdown? Hope you are fine. We always get you products which will ease your work in life. In kitchen you can use important products which can save your time and give amazing taste to the food.

Today we have My Mall Fried Onion Flakes also known as Birista. This is the package. These are the onion flakes which are made from fresh onions. These have been minced, dehydrated and fried. So we will talk about the nutritional facts.

My Mall Onion Flakes Fried Review

My Mall Onion Flakes Fried Review

Nutritional Facts

Per 100 gram you get 342 calories energy, total fat is 1 gram, out of which, 0.2 gram saturated fat, Polyunsaturated  fat 0.3 gram, monounsaturated fat is 0.2 gram, Cholesterol is 0 milligram. Which is amazing. Sodium is 73 milligram, Potassium is 985 milligram, total carbs is 79 gram, dietary fibre is 15 gram, protein is 10 gram and sugar is 7 gram. Vitamin A is 0%, Vitamin C is 39%, vitamin B6 is 35%, calcium is 38%, iron is 21% and magnesium is 28%. Those were the nutritional facts from this product.

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Product Information

These are the fried onion flakes and it is having MRP of 158 rupees and has net weight of 200 gram. You can check out the link in the description below for more discounts. We are unboxing it. As you can see this is the deep fried onion flakes. Looks amazing, it looks wonderful, it looks yummy.

I can’t wait to taste it out guys. It’s made from fresh onions. You can use daily for cooking. These onion flakes are very convenient to use. Fried onion flakes are widely used in number of food items like soup, fast food, Pizza, sandwich, vegetables, salads, etc. It has number of benefits.

It’s easy and quick to use it. No cutting required and most important no tears. This is an air tight package. No wastage, easy to store and carry and its natural product, no Chemicals at all. As we can see no preservatives, no chemicals. This is the Deep fried onion flakes from my mall.

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User Experience

You can eat as it is as snacks because we liked the product. We enjoyed it like snacks itself. Its complete vegetarian product and I liked the product because you can enjoy it anytime it’s like a snacks for you as well. You can use it to garnish a particular dish as well.

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