Brekkie Review – All Day Breakfast Shake

Looking for a healthy breakfast? Well you need to start your day with right breakfast. The breakfast must include the right juice/shake for sure. Today we have interesting breakfast product. This is the Brekkie All Day Breakfast Shake. This is the package, we are unboxing it.

Brekkie Review – All Day Breakfast Shake


Let’s see what’s inside. We’re excited to open this package. Let’s check out. What is inside. Oh! So there are three flavours. Will check them out. This is a manual I guess, some Information Guide about the flavours. This is about the brand as well, Brekkie. It’s a welcome note.

The Note mentions about welcoming the user to the Brekkie Family. These are three flavours and talk about all the details of these flavours as well. India’s first hunger smart drink. That’s what is Brekkie all day breakfast shake. We’ll talk about the flavours.

Brekkie Review - All Day Breakfast Shake

This is amazing compact packing as you can see. All these three flavours came inside one packing. This is a combo pack pack of 3. You can check out the link in the description below if you want to purchase it. Buying combo packs is really amazing. This is the product packaging. Wow this is amazing. We will talk about the features.

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Nutritional Information

It is having nutritional information per 250 ml. So it will give you 174 kilocalories of energy, 12 gram of protein, 23 gram of carbohydrates, 10 gram of sugar, 3.75 gram of Fat, 2.37 gram of saturated fat, trans fat is zero. Vitamin D is 3.5 mcg, calcium is 480 milligram, vitamin B12 is 0.4 mcg, Vitamin A is 120 mcg, Vitamin B1, is 240 mcg, vitamin B2 is 280 mcg, Folic acid is 50 mcg and dietary fibre is 3 grams. Those were the nutritional information and as mentioned there are no artificial or flavours.

Coffee Flavour

It is having 80% calcium daily value, this is the coffee flavour. This is having 50% less sugar, 0% preservatives. This is the coffee flavour guys. We will talk about the ingredients. It is having milk and milk solids, sugar, milk protein concentrate, corn fibre, instant coffee 0.8%, stabilizer, stevis and Vitamin premix.

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Tastes best when served chilled. Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place. Needs no refrigeration till opened. Do not buy leaky or puffed bottles or if cap seal is broken. Once opened consume within 4 hours or refrigerate and consume within 24 hours. Those were the instructions. It has wonderful product design where we can see the fibre intake level and also this protein level. They have used some interesting concept in the product design for sure. This is the coffee flavour from Brekkie. Coffee flavour was is having a price of rupees 80.

Chocolate Flavour

Now we’re talking about the chocolate flavour. Chocolate flavour is having milk and milk solids, sugar, milk protein concentrate, corn fibre, cocoa solids, 1% stabilizer, stevia and Vitamin prefix. It is having a price of rupees 80.

Almond Flavour

Key Ingredients in Almond flavour include: Milk and Milk solids, Sugar, Milk Protein Concentrate, Corn Fiber, Stailizer, Stevia and Vitamin prefix. Almond flavour is having a price of rupees 60.

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Tasting Experience

These are the three variants. We have coffee flavour, chocolate flavour and almond flavour. As we can see this is the coffee flavour and we will taste it out guys. We are opening the product. We have opened the seal. It’s best served when chilled. As we can see very nice shake.

Brekkie Review - All Day Breakfast Shake

You can carry the shake with you on the gym as well for workouts, for jogging with you. It’s a very good breakfast meal for sure. It is certainly a bit heavy. It will give you a good amount of protein and other nutrients as well. This is the Brekkie. We will talk about some benefits as well.

It kills hunger pangs, its high protein content, it is fibre 2X digestive tolerance. It has vitamin fortification, low sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colour or flavour. Consumption occasions breakfast or any time during the day when you feel hungry.

Have a stand-alone or pair it with your meal. Healthy snacking option for sure. Start your day with the Brekkie shake for sure. This is the chocolate flavour. As we can see we are pouring down the chocolate flavour. We have tasted all the three flavours and will tell you our experience and our verdict.

Having a heavy breakfast is always recommended by many dietitians and many people. Good breakfast will make provide you energetic day for sure. They say that have heavy breakfast, have ok meal in the lunch and have a light dinner.

If you want to have a heavy breakfast you should have proper nutritional stuff in your breakfast. Having breakfast shake will surely help you. This is the Brekkie breakfast shake. Now this is the almond flavour. One of my favourite flavour for sure. Out of these three Almond flavour tasted amazing. One of my favourite guys.

Our Verdict

It is a very much healthy shake. It is like stomach full shake for sure. As shown in the bottle design you can check out the fibre intake, and the protein content as well. Its a dairy based drink. Store in a cool dry and hygienic place. These are the three products from brand Brekkie. These are travel friendly as well. You can carry it in your Gym bags too. We loved this product, we loved the almond flavour for sure. Healthy breakfast shake will make your day start with full of energy.

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