Amazing things learned from my first international trip

Traveling helps you to explore now things in your life. It teaches you, preaches you. If you travel far, you will get to know about new culture, people and diversity. Amazing things learned from this trip for sure. There is a lot to learn from people and the surrounding. Traveling gives you knowledge and enlightenment and makes you happy. Happiness is surely the key when you travel.

You get to learn a lot of things when you travel. I like observing people, surroundings and culture. When you know what kind of people, mentality and lifestyle the surrounding is adopting it is easier for you to get adopted to these surroundings. Traveling is one of my favourite hobby and I got an opportunity to go to Dubai. Yes it was a trip of 10 days with my close friends. So I would like to share my learning with you.

Dubai Trip - 10 Days of travel and fun


Yes when you first land into to Dubai Airport and start exploring the city the first thing as an Indian got in my mind was “How clean is this city!”. That was my first look when we landed to Dubai. Cleanliness is very important and everything was clean. Though when we got to know the reason behind the cleanliness, it was interesting. There are fines if you throw garbage on roads, public places, or even spit anywhere. So using the garbage bins was the wise option rather than paying the hefty fines.

So this triggered my mind that because of strong discipline and people also following it at the ground level made this country developing very fast. Though there is a nature`s blessing to this nation, which is none other than oil.

Why Not?

This is one of the most encouraging factor which made all the developments. When people ask Dubais sheikh that why do you have built the worlds tallest building, world`s largest mall,etc. t. The response from his was brilliant. H said “Why Not?” These 2 words just change the mindset altogether. They have many world records. So the question is why not? So this is like a huge motivation factor in the infrastructure development of the nation. We liked the great use of technology and the use of resources available at hand.

Dubai Trip - 10 Days of travel and fun

Burj Khalifa

This is world`s tallest building and to see the city from the top of this building was just mesmerizing. This is one of the awesome experience. You get a feeling that you are at the top of the world. From this building we learn that the possibilities are endless. Even the elevator in this building is the fastest elevator of the world.

Smart City

Dubai is trying to be smart city and already steps are taken for the same. We get to see driverless metros and amazing use of technology in this country. There are great exhibitions in this country. The shopping festivals are world famous. The city gets very less rainfall still they manage to get resources. The Trade factor is immensely high.

Dubai Trip Fliplifestyle 08


Yes Sheikhs are the entrepreneurs who have made this city a great city. The entrepreneurial mindset is just fabulous. There are various businesses which you see. Most of them are owned by local emirati. The laws here are so much in favor of them that the wealth of these individuals is increasing rapidly. The ease of doing business is also great.

This mindset of thinking big and execution in large scale is just fabulous. We got to learn a lot of things from one of the business conference which we recently attended here. The future plans and getting the latest technology in their business is what all are looking for. The man power is outsourced and the use of man power is reduced on a large scale in manufacturing business. The tourism business is at a boom in this country.

So mastering the art of entrepreneurship is very important which is a great lesson learned for sure.

Wrapping it up

So organized way of doing business, thinking big and execution on time is what matters the most. With lot of learnings from my first international trip of Dubai, I am now open to visit more places and sharing my learnings with you. 🙂

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