American Micronic Atta & Bread Maker Review

Eating fresh Bread at home is really important. What if we tell you that now you can make your bread at home. If you are looking for a healthy food then having healthy bread is also important. Making bread is now possible with American Micronic Atta & Bread Maker. You can also knead Atta with ease with this device. We have use this appliance extensively and prepared amazing whole wheat bread.

American Micronic Atta & Bread Maker Review


If you look at the design of the device it does look premium and stunning in the black and silver color combination. The device does look aesthetically awesome and has good build quality too. It is easy to pick and keep it anywhere like kitchen top or any place. There is also a window from which you can see inside of the device whats happening. There is also fully automatic functions and a LCD display too. This Black and Grey colored Bread Maker has user friendly design as there are 19 pre programmed menus which you can select with ease.


We have extensively used this appliance to knead atta and also to make bread. The best part is that you can prepare a lot of stuff with this device.

You can prepare various dishes with American Micronic Atta & Bread Maker which include :

  1. Basic Bread
  2. Quick Bread
  3. Sweet Bread
  4. French Bread
  5. Whole Wheat Bread
  6. Rice Bread
  7. Gluten Free Bread
  8. Dessert
  9. Poori Atta
  10. Pizza Dough
  11. Chapati Atta
  12. Cake
  13. Jam
  14. Yogurt
  15. Bake
  16. Sticky Rice
  17. Rice Wine
  18. Defrost
  19. Stir Fry

We kneaded atta with this Atta & Bread maker and it perfectly kneaded the atta which is really cool. Your hardwork is now shifted to smart work when you make and prepare dishes with this device. Kneading Atta requires hardwork and this device does it for you with ease. You just have to insert the ingredients which are mentioned in the user manual as per the need.

Then you can select the Menu by pressing the Menu button. So for making the whole wheat bread you have to press the Menu Button 5 times. Then you have to select the weight. If you are making 1 kg bread then you have to select the 1000g, there is timer, crust colour is also there.

We selected dark color and the bread was really awesome. There is also Start/Pause/Stop button to start the process. Best part is that once you start the process you just have to do nothing. You can keep a watch from the window which is provided. This is a 550W Bead Maker and the performance was really good. You can make the bread with ease.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a bread maker at your home then this must be your choice. You can also use it daily to knead the Atta which can be done with ease. A must buy bread maker for making fresh bread at home.

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