Dr Trust Roller Review – Long Acupressure Foam Roller, Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

Today we have a very interesting product for you. It is a fitness product. It is Dr Trust Long Acupressure Foam Roller for deep tissue muscle massage, exercise fitness and also a pain relief equipment. This is the product. As we can see it is having a very nice travel bag as well. We will talk about the features of this product and also our review.

Dr Trust Roller Review - Long Acupressure Foam Roller, Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

Dr Trust Roller Review


It is having a size of 13 inches by 5.5 inch, so 5.5 inch is the diameter. This is a nice travel bag. It is also having a very nice strap. We can carry it with anywhere. It is a convenient carry bag. We are opening the carry bag. We will open the roller cover. There are numerous benefits.

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This roller is great at providing joint mobility, flexibility and also range of motion besides reducing muscle pain. It also relaxes and restores fascia. It has a commendable benefit of distressing and relaxing the muscles before and after workouts. We have extensively used this roller.

After workout whenever we are having muscle pain we do use this roller. It does give amazing results. We have personally used it. This is driven by the passion for innovation by the company Dr trust which is a very good brand. It is made for the doctors, Health Care professionals and also home users alike.

It’s very nice. It has 3D massage zones. The solid core doctor trust foam roller of a 3D massage zones which are meant to mimic the finger and Thumb of a therapist’s hand.

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User Experience

You can use it anywhere on the body. I actually use it for my back mostly. For back it really eases the muscles. Very very nice. Also for leg pain. In this way you actually roll the roller on your body. You will find this roller in your gyms, but I’ve got it at my home as well.

After workouts I can actually use it to distress my muscles. Very amazing product from the company doctor trust. It is lightweight and travel friendly. It is having a weight of 950 gram. The foam roller is very easy and convenient to carry around. You can take it as a travel partner for a relaxing massage at hotels, home, etc.

Final Verdict

It is constructed from quality materials. As you can see it is having very much quality materials. We have done a lot of research while grabbing this product. It really gives amazing results. We highly recommend this product from the company doctor trust. If you want to purchase it, check out the link below for getting amazing discount.

Price: Rs 1900 Rs 999

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