Keeros Multigrain Review – Healthy Super Snack

Having a healthy body gives you a healthy mind. In the evening or the time between the meals, we always like to munch snacks. Many people are looking for healthy alternatives. What if we have healthy snacks? Today we have Keeros Multigrain Healthy Super Snack. Having healthy items in the breakfast is really important. This is the Healthy super snack.

Keeros Multigrain Review
Keeros Multigrain Pack – Front Side

Keeros Multigrain Review


We can see this is the package of the product. It is a good package and it is a 50 gram product. It is an air tight package as we can see. I can feel it’s airtight. You can use a little bit and then you can keep it inside after use. This is a very important healthy super snack. We will do the review. We can see it is 100% veg product.

There are a lot of important factors in this product. Low GI, high protein, 0 cholesterol, awesome taste with Wholesome nutrition. Well we will take the taste of it. We will check it out how tasty it is it or not. This is from the company Keeros. They have more 2 good products. We will do the review soon. This is the back side of the product. Very important information is mentioned. It is 50 gram for 50 rupees. It is healthy & all safe for diabetes. It is safe for diabetes patients.

Keeros Multigrain Review
Keeros Multigrain Pack – Back Side


Per 100 gram it is having 384 kilo calories. Protein is 14.8 gram, Fat is 5.6 gram, Carbohydrate 68.5 gram, Magnesium is 5.5 milligrams, iron is 7.5 milligrams, trans fat is zero and amazing fact is it is having no cholesterol. I will talk about the ingredients.


It is having Rice flakes, white wheat, dew beans, soybeans, Pearl Millets, Green gram, Cottonseed oil, Himalayan pink salt, Rock salt and other relevant spices. I hope that they are using two salts. It might be a bit salty, we will check the taste. Contact details of the company and the website also mentioned on the package. Very precise information given on the package. There are no artificial preservatives, colors or flavours. As I said it is healthy product.

Keeros Multigrain Review
Keeros Multigrains

User Experience

This is the bottom of the package. You can keep it anywhere in the shelf at your home. You can carry it with you in the gym. It is a very good breakfast as well. We will open the package right now. So we are opening the package. As you can see you have to cut at that slot only.

You can use the air tight thing. We are opening it. You can use in breakfast and you can Munch anytime. Product is really well kept in the package. Very good packaged food. Its seems to be in right shape, we will pour it in a bowl. Lets taste it out. These are multigrain roasted super snack ingredients. All of these ingredients  seem to be roasted.

Health Benefits

The most important factors it is having dynamic soyabean. Health benefits of a soyabean is it maintains sugar levels in type 2 diabetes, it lowers LDL cholesterol, it moisturizes the skin and improves the hair texture as well. We will actually taste the product now.

Our Analysis

After tasting it our observation or analysis is, it is very much crispy, it is tasty as well. It is little salty. This is just a 50 gram product so it is like it can be eaten in just one go like a small meal. Your breakfast kind of stuff. Product is available in 200 grams and 400 grams too. If you want to buy you can buy from the below link.

Price: INR 160 (200g)

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