Manichips Banana Chips Review

Are you looking for a healthy snack? Well why not enjoy a natural snack. We have brought you a very much organic snack. We do reviews of lifestyle products and food products. Today we have a very interesting product for you. This is the Manichips banana chips review.

Manichips Banana Chips Review

Manichips Banana Chips Review


This is a very nice personal note from the brand to us. There is a my name and this is also thank you note. There are also details about the banana chips and why to eat banana chips and everything about it. We’ll talk about this product very much in detail. We will talk about the importance of banana chips as well.

Manichips Banana Chips Review

It’s really important to have a very healthy snack. This is a very nice personal note from the brand and they are actually having a very nice hashtag as well.  This is a thanks for purchasing note from the brand. It feels really awesome when you get such notes. This is the package. This is the product from ManiChips. We really liked the design of the package.

Why to have banana chips?

It’s a very healthy snack. It’s full of Nutrition, Energy and it absorbs less oil than potato chips. That’s really important. It is rich in fibre and also has coconut oil. It is made by Nendran banana. They have used Nendran bananas in it. We will talk about the features of these bananas. Be organic, be healthy by Mani chips.

They have also used pure coconut oil. We’ll talk about the benefits of coconut oil as well, during the review. It’s really important to use healthy product for you. These are the important details.

Manichips Banana Chips Review

This is the back side of the package where we have nutritional information. Also important things like storage conditions. Its a premium quality banana chips. It’s made in Southern Kerala. There are also storage conditions mentioned. You have to store in a cool dry and hygienic place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Once opened keep in air tight container. We will talk about the ingredients as well.


The ingredients are raw Nendran Banana, Coconut Oil and salt.

It is having net weight of 300 gram and the MRP is just 299. We will talk about the Nutritional Information.

Nutritional Information

Per 100 gram the energy is 520 kilocalories, carbohydrate 62 gram, sugar is zero gram, that is amazing. Total fat is 32 gram, saturated fats is 28 grams, protein is 3 gram, sodium is 80 milligram and fibre is 8 gram.


We will do the unboxing of the product. Will open the package. This is an amazing package. Guys, the product is kept really well. There is another plastic bag inside. Its thick plastic so very much good. You can see the package of the product, is really amazing. It is a recyclable package. It’s a product of India. We can see the banana chips in that package.

Eat vegan and keep your city clean is also mentioned on the package. There are no artificial colours, no flavours, no preservatives in this package. It’s really important to have good fibre. Per 100 gram it has 8 gram fibre. We will open the package as well. 8 gram fibre is enough it’s like one third of daily intake needed for women and its like 20% intake daily needed for men.

Manichips Banana Chips Review

We will remove the chips in a bowl. We will try to taste it. Nendran bananas are unriped and starchy version of Bananas. It’s really very nice golden color. It has fibre, vitamins, nutrients. It is thinly sliced, deep fried and has right texture. These are great snacks. Eat with Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks are crispy, tasty and healthy too.

Banana chips are also integral part of traditional Kerala feast meals served at weddings and festivals. We can see these chips from very close. Pure coconut oil is used in it. It has high saturated fats. Increases good HDL cholesterol, good for heart health. Coconut oil is used in making this product. We will now taste this product for sure.

User Experience (Tasting)

Let’s taste it out guys. I cannot wait to taste this amazing chips right now. Wow! They are tasty, crispy, once you eat one chip you want to eat more. I am eating more. We loved these banana chips. Highly recommended product for sure. I will tell you the making process of it.

They use coconut oil, pure coconut oil. This Coconut oil can be used for 8 hours for deep frying at 180 degrees celsius. They change the coconut oil from time to time in every batch. The company ensures that quality of coconut oil and also the chips is maintained. These are premium products from the company Manichips.

Our Verdict

This is an amazing product. Not only will loved the packaging, and also the personal note but we also liked the chips for sure. These are very much crispy and we loved it. These are pure organic product from the brand. It’s really highly recommended product. It is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

If you want to purchase it, you can check out the link in the description below. We can see it is really having a very nice packaging. It’s a premium product from the company Manichips. These are salted but not that much salty. It was like a very light salted chips. It’s very much tasty and healthy too for your health because too much salt is not good for health.

There are no artificial colors, no flavours and no preservatives as mentioned earlier. Its having weight of 300 grams and the price is just 299. You can grab it from the link below. It’s from Southern Kerala and these chips are golden, crispier, tastier and also healthier. Having healthy product is really important for your fitness and for your life. Enjoy the healthy products.

Price: INR 299 279 (300g)

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