FixDerma Teenilicious Boys Body Lotion Review

Are you a Teenager boy with age 13 to 19 years young? Well then this product is for you. Nourishment of your skin at this age is really important. You must use good products only for your skin. If you are a parent then you can gift this essential product for your child. Today we have FixDerma Teenilicious Boys Body Lotion. It is specially formulated for Teenage skin.

FixDerma Teenilicious Boys Body Lotion Review

FixDerma Teenilicious Boys Body Lotion Review

This is the product and we’ll talk about the details and our observation and experience with this product as well. This is the teenilicious boys body lotion with Vitamin F and Jojoba Oil. As we can see this is having plastic wrapping which will remove right now.

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We will talk about the features of this body lotion as well. This is for external use only. We are opening the casing. Wow this product looks really very nice. It is very nice and essential thing in your wardrobe. If your a teenager boy, then you must have this body lotion for sure.


We’ll talk about the features of this teenilicious for boys body lotion. It is by company FixDerma and this body lotion restores Normal PH balance of the skin. Maintain skin’s health, vitality and natural moisture balance. Pamper your skin by providing the essential hydration, nourishment and protection it needs.

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The formulation has been developed to suit the young teenage skin. This is especially for the Teenage boys. It’s really important to protect your skin at the teenage age for sure. At that time there are a lot of changes in the body and you should make sure that your skin is in the right condition.

Using a body lotion will certainly help you. We will talk about the directions of use as well. Apply as part of your daily moisturizing routine. Use as often as required. Particularly after showering, bathing or cleansing the the skin. As we can see these are the ingredients mentioned on the product design.

User Experience

Very well product design. Just two, three colours which is black navy blue and white as well. You can see the other details, like precautions. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use, if local irritation or Rash occurs. It is for external use only. Those are the main precautions.

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It is having a price of rupees 595 and has a volume of 150 ml. It is specially formulated for Teenage skin as mentioned. We are opening the product. Will check out the body lotion itself. We will apply it on our skin. This is the best food for your skin to fight dryness, damage blemishes and other skin concerns effectively and quickly.

Wow it has amazing fragrance. It will really sustain for a decent amount of time for sure. Very nice fragrance, you can apply after bath or at any time as per your need. If you are a teenager boy, you should buy this product for sure. The price is rupees 595, and it has volume of 150 ml. If you want discount, do check out the link below.

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