Maha Vadapav Review

Recently we visited a Maha Vadapav outlet and now sharing our experience. Enjoying Vadapav in the monsoon season is a bliss for sure. We thought of enjoying this amazing Indian snack Vadapav at this new outlet.

Maha Vadapav Review

Maha Vadapav Review

When you look at the outlet, you see a proper systematic process. There was hand sanitizer which was kept too. Proper care was taken to make sure there was social distancing maintained at the outlet. The prices and the menu was displayed well. Though only takeaway was only available as per the safety.

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Maha Vadapav Review

We tried their normal vadapav. We ordered it and got it quickly, first you have to pay the amount, do the payment. You get a slip, where there is order number mentioned. And the person calls out the order number. We got out order within a minute, very much quick service indeed.

We opened the parcel and we got these 2 Vadapavs. The Pav of the vada(Potato vada) was huge. Also the Vadapay was stuffed with sweet chutney and groudnut chutney by them only. Also with the Vadapav green chillies were provided. Overall we liked the Vadapav but was a bit sweet as there was sweet tamarind chutney inside. If you want spicy, you can ask them to do so. Keep checking this page as we update it as we enjoy other products from their side. Share your experience with them in the comments below.

Price: INR 15

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