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Having a comfortable sleep on a daily basis is really important. As recommended by doctors you need to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. To have a comfortable sleep you have to get the right accessories for your bed. The most important accessory for having a very nice sleep is a pillow. We are actually reviewing the the pillow which will be helpful for you to have a very nice and sound sleep.

Sweet Dreams Polyester Pillow Review

Sweet Dreams Polyester Pillow

This polyester pillow is cool comfortable, washable, nonallergic, odourless, resilient.  It has bit softness as well but not that too much. It is mothproof and mildewproof as well. Size of this pillow is 16 inch by 24 inch or 41 by 60 cm.  We are using this pillow since a long time and sharing our experience with you.

It is comfortable but I said it is not that much soft. It will surely give you comfortable sleep. We had got a pair of these pillows.  You can lean your back on these pillows and can have a comfortable sit around. In 225 rupees will get a single pillow.

Sweet Dreams Polyester Pillow Review | FlipLifestyle
Sweet Dreams Polyester Pillow Review | FlipLifestyle

One thing about this pillow which we liked is, it is washable and comfortable too. You can apply pillow cover on it.

Price: INR 225 (Single Pillow)

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