Morphy Richards Besta Black 40L OTG Review

Do you like baking? Or do you love making tasty snacks at your home? Well you can do a lot with an OTG (Oven Toaster Grill). Today we have Morphy Richards Besta Black 40 litre OTG.


There are a loads of accessories inside the box. There is user manual and also important instructions manual. There are a lot of details which the buyer should go through.

You will also get a product catalogue of some of the devices and appliances from Bajaj Electricals. It has a Rotisserie Tong, which is important to take out the rotisserie rod set from the OTG when it is heated. This tong will certainly help you out. There is also a Wire Rack and also the rotisserie rod set.

There is a Baking Tray Tong, with which you can easily remove the baking tray out when it is very much heated from the oven. There is a wire rack tong, to remove the wire rack from the oven. There is a Crumb Tray and a Baking Tray, most important to bake stuff.

Baking Tray has a very nice black coating. We liked this tray for sure. It does look amazing. One of our favourite tray of all.

Design & Features

The OTG does look cool. It has amazing look, so Morphy Richards has done some amazing work in the product design. The glass has a very nice kind of mirror stuff. It has a lot of features, which we talk about. They have mentioned a lot of features on the product design as well.

There are crumb tray, temperature knob, function knob. We will talk about each of it in detail. We see a very nice lucrative cake picture on the product design. This is a 40 litre oven. Very nice huge oven. You can make a lot of stuff in it. We can do Cake, Pizza, Bun, Toast, Grilled sandwiches, biscuits, kebabs, Paneer Tikka, brinjal, baking and lot of things.

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It has a temperature knob with which you can set the temperature from 0 degree Celsius to a maximum of 230 degree Celsius. Temperature knob is at the top. Then we have the Function Select knob. In the function select knob, you have Keep Warm, Broil/Rotisserie, Bake and Toast/Convection modes.

It has a Timer knob, where in you can set a timer from 0 to 120 minutes. There is also a stay ON feature which is very important. If you want to keep the Oven ON for a long time, we can keep it on Stay ON. We recommend to keep timer, which is very important to make delicious recipes using timers.

In the inside of the oven you can see a very neat and clean design. We can see two rods at the top, two rods in the bottom. There is a very nice space for ventilation as well. There is also a rotating rotisserie motor inside. It’s really amazing to see your food grilled, that too in rotating motion.

The rotisserie set is of amazing quality, useful for making delicious dishes. The knobs are also very high quality. When you operate the knobs, you will feel good touch. These are some premium materials used to make this oven.

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The backside of the oven is pretty much clean. Some good materials used for the product design of this oven. Also there is a warning that you have to keep at least 4 inches space from the behind so that it gets some good ventilation. There is an attached AC wire. There is a caution on the top of the oven which says “Hot surface”.

Never touch the top surface when the oven is ON. Using the rotisserie rod set, you can put in a kebabs, Paneer Tikka, and a lot of more in it. The oven has a rotating motor inside. So the rod will rotate, we will certainly do some amazing recipes in the future using this rotisserie rod.

This is a 2000 watt output oven. It is having a black powder coated body. We will test it out, we will make a recipe. Any guesses about the recipe? Well before starting the recipe we will follow the important instructions given in the manual. Overall many useful features and a very attractive design indeed.

User Experience

Will talk about all the details and our experience with this OTG(oven toaster grill). Before use, you have to start the oven for at least 10 minutes, keeping at the function select knob to the Toast/Convection at 200 degree Celsius for 10 minutes. That is very much recommended. So before creating or making any recipe, make sure that you start the oven for at least 10 minutes at 200 degree Celsius and function knob should be on Toast/Convection.

Then you can start using it. Start using within 5 minutes of the above activity, that is recommended. For making this recipe we have inserted the crumb tray below. Then we are inserted the Baking Tray above. On the baking tray we will prepare pizza. The Pizza is done within minutes and to know the recipe watch the video below.

We have prepared a very nice delicious Pizza, you can enjoy too at your home. You can prepare a lot of recipes mentioned earlier. You can bake a lot of stuff inside this oven. We tried out this amazing pizza. Not only looks delicious or amazing, but it is very much yummy as well.

This is our first batch of pizza from the Morphy Richards Besta Black 40 litre OTG. As per our analysis and Experience, it was a very much easy process. Once you read the manual, once you know the settings, it’s very much easy to use it. Anyone can create amazing recipes.

Next batch of pizza we have used a silver foil. On that we have put the pizza, and it’s ready too. It’s easy for us to clean it as well, when you use a silver foil. That is an important tip from our side. You can make such delicious recipes like pizza Paneer Tikka and many more dishes and also cake for sure.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for oven at and around budget of around 10000 rupees, though the MRP is of 11445, you will get a decent discount when you click the link below and purchase it. You will get a decent discount. This is a great value for money oven and you can make and bake a lot of things with it.

We will suggest you to purchase it, because oven is very much necessary in the kitchen. This is a quality oven which will be your companion in the kitchen for a long time. The company also offers a 2 year warranty with the product. We will create amazing delicious snacks and recipes for you. Kindly watch the video to get an idea of its usage and design of the oven.

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