Lass Naturals Indulge Deodorant Review – Roll On Deodorant

You need a Roll On Deodorant especially whenever you are out for work or traveling. Roll On deodorant stays for more time than most of the spray deodorants. Today we have Lass Naturals Indulge Deodorant with pheromones. This is the roll on Deodorant from Lass Naturals. This is the package. It is having plastic casing which will open it soon. This is a roll on Deodorant from Lass Naturals.

Lass Naturals Indulge Deodorant Review - Roll On Deodorant for Men

Lass Naturals Indulge Deodorant Review

Let’s check it out guys, can’t wait. This is 50ml roll on deodorant. It is having a price of rupees 250. It is specially formulated for men but can be used for unisex. It is having natural active ingredient obtained from plant sources as per the company. It is having ingredients which include rosewater, fragrance and much more.

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It includes aloe vera as well. It’s 100% free from sulphate, Triclosan, animal derivatives, silicons, alcohol, paraben, PEG, EDTA and PG. It is travel friendly because it’s very small package. You can carry it with you anywhere. For Men, you can carry it in your pockets for sure. For female consumers, you can carry in your purse.


This Deodorant has special ingredient Pheromones. These are very much interesting special ingredient. It is able to attract people of same species. So with pheromones this deodorant is able to attract other people and you can become more social and confident in your life.

This is the roll on Deodorant. We are opening it. As we can see in the video it is having a roll on. We will test it out for sure. You can use it after having a bath. Also while trekking or you are outside your city.

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Our Experience

If you go somewhere outdoors. Then a roll on Deodorant really helps you to give some good fragrance. It minimises bad smell. Amazing odour. Very nice fragrance. I’ve been using it since few days. It is really nice fragrance for sure. It is not tested on animals. You can apply this roll on Deodorant directly under arm. Its for external use only. Its having a price of rupees 250. If you want more discount, check out the link below. Do checkout the below video too!

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