Nirlep Non Stick Fry Pan Review

In this lockdown want to make delicious recipes at your home? Well to do that you need proper cookware. The most essential cookware now a days is a non stick fry pan. Today we have Nirlep Non Stick Fry Pan. This is from their Premium Selec+ range. You get 18 months guarantee. Today we are going to do review of this non stick fry pan and share you our experience with it.

Nirlep Non Stick Fry Pan Review

Nirlep is a brand of Bajaj Electricals and they have a lot of varieties in their cookware collection. It comes with an MRP of rupees 1655, as shown on the box. Though if you want discount, don’t forget to check out the link below.

In Box Accessories

We also get a glass lid with this Non Stick Fry Pan. With Non Stick Fry Pan we get a Scrub as well and a warranty card. As mentioned earlier, it has 18 months guarantee.

Important information is mentioned on it. There is also important instructions of how to use it and how you can take care of it.


As we can see, that is the study handle. This is the IJFP28N model and it is having 28 CM diameter. It is induction and gas compatible. We can see the base of it. It is 28 CM huge base. You can cook your food. It not only does look good but it is very much high in quality as well.

The handle is very much sturdy, especially when we hold it in our hand. It is metal spoon friendly as well. We can’t wait to try out the various recipes. It is stainfree, coloured two way non-stick coating. It also has heavy duty anti-slip crest handles. It has heavy-duty anti-slip crest handle. These handles are ergonomically designed in this cookware series.

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It is having patented heavy duty and anti slip crest handles for a sturdy grip. It is having superior 3 layer metal spoon friendly non-stick coating. It is also having 3 mm thick aluminium body. Durable and heats up quickly uniformly. This is the sturdy handle.

This is the ergonomically designed cookware series which comes with patented heavy duty handles. It is anti slip crest handles for sturdy grip. Having a good handle for a nonstick fry Pan is very important. You can rely on this handle for sure.

This handle of Fry Pan is coloured and beautifully matched to the cookware to complement your kitchen’s appeal. This base as shown is Induction and also Gas compatible. The non-stick coated colour exterior ensures easy cleaning. The colour is Maroon and material is aluminium.

It is stain free, coloured two way non stick coating. This is a very nice heavy glass lid. It also has a stainless steel bezel around. It really gives an elegant look. Overall a thoughtful and compelling design. It does look premium and will be your partner in cooking.

First Use & Important Tips for using the Pan

Before using the pan, it is really important to wash the cookware with Soapy water. Rinse and dry and heat the cookware on low flame for 30 seconds. Put a tablespoon of cooking oil on the cookware.

Smear it on the non stick coating with a soft cloth. Wash the cookware again with Soapy water, rinse and dry. The cookware is now ready to use. That is the important direction of before use. You have to make sure that you have to take good care of it. So use only on low and medium flame.

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High flame can certainly burn the coating. Also use very little oil, this avoids food build up. Kindly make sure that you have to clean the cookware after every recipe(4-5 chapatis) using soft wet cloth to avoid food build up.

User Experience : Paneer Masala Recipe

We will prepare a tasty Paneer Masala Recipe with the Nirelp Non Stick Fry Pan. We will show you step by step method of preparing this recipe and also share our valuable experience with the Pan. Put some groundnut oil on to the pan. Now we’re putting 1-2 Bay leaves. Green cardamom, cloves. Let’s put some onion.

We’re preparing the Paneer masala gravy. We will mix it well. We are putting some tomatoes as well. As you can see in the video below, no oil is sticking over anywhere. Very nice mixed. We will put on the lid. We can see the recipe through the lid. Its very important to have a glass lid.

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It’s a very much sturdy lid. It does look premium. It also has an handle, so you can easily pick it up. You can use it to pick the lid up easily. Grind the gravy well in the mixer. Put some ghee on the fry Pan. As we can see in the video the ghee is nicely spread on the non stick fry pan. We’ll put the mixture.

We’re now preparing the gravy. Gravy is not sticking at the pan at all. This is really wonderful. You can make some amazing delicious recipes using this Non Stick Fry Pan. We are in the process of mixing it well. We’ll put on the lid again.

Make sure that you put low flame or medium flame whenever you use this Non Stick Fry Pan. Its better to use in that range. Let’s remove the lid. We are putting some red chilli powder, some coriander powder and also some turmeric powder as well. Mix it well.

The frying pan is really working well. We are happy with it. Add some Garam Masala or hot spices powder. You can enjoy making some amazing recipes. Put on the lid again. Let’s take some time to get the dish prepared. Let’s open the lid and put some water for the gravy.

We will also put some salt. Our gravy is ready. This Non Stick Fry Pan is PFOA free. It is for healthy cooking. We can see the recipe directly through the lid. It’s a 3 mm glass lid. Our Paneer Masala Gravy is now almost done. Can’t wait to have it.

We will certainly try more recipes with this Non Stick Fry Pan. Wow, so the gravy is done. Good fragrance. Let’s mix it well. Now we’re putting paneer pieces. Mix it well. Put some coriander leaves. Put on the lid again. The importance of having a lid with this pan, is really important.

Having a lid with a good Non Stick Fry Pan is important. You can see this handle is very much sturdy. You can lift up the non stick fry Pan with the recipe inside with ease. I guess the recipe is ready. Nice fragrance, the Paneer are done I guess. Now this Paneer Masala is ready to serve.

Will put more ghee as per the need. Mix it well. We have done this paneer masala with ghee to get good taste. Nice fumes. As you can see the Non Stick Fry Pan did responded well to our recipe. This is the Paneer Masala recipe for you, using the Nirlep Non Stick Fry Pan, from the selec+ range.

Final Verdict

This was a 28 CM diameter Fry Pan with Glass Lid. If you want to purchase it for a good discount, do check out the link below. We are certainly happy with this product. We did some amazing recipe. This is a must buy Non Stick Fry Pan for everyone. It is by Nirlep Brand which is 50+ years old brand. Do check out the link below. A must buy non stick fry pan for sure.

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