Zilch Calm-Aah Rose Review

In this stressed up life we need to de-stress from time to time. What if we tell you about a product which can help you in doing that. We have an interesting product for you today. This is the Zilch Calm-Aah Rose Face Mist. This is the package. Will open the plastic casing of it. This is a pure rose water hydrating face Mist.

Zilch Calm-Aah Rose Review

Zilch Calm-Aah Rose Review

If you’re ever in skin doubt, reach for nature’s versatile wonder tonic that’s a skin care 101. Steam distilled from luxuriously scented Himalayan roses, this pure rose water fits effortlessly into your skin regimen. Why should use a rose water?

It’s a stress buster, instantly freshener, deep cleanser, oil neutralizer, pore minimising toner, pre- makeup prepper, soothing hydrator. Those were the details of the product. This is from the brand Zilch. They have a lot of other products as well. Also having directions to use which will talk later. This is the package, very small and proper package.

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These are the ingredients. It has Rose Water, Rose Essential oil, sodium benzoate. Let’s talk about the caution. Its for external use only. Apply small amount on the inside of the elbow area to test for any allergic reaction for before use. It has a price of rupees 400 that’s MRP. For discount do check the link in the description below. It is having a net volume of hundred ml.


Opening the package. Yes it’s in the spray form. This is an amazing product. The packaging seems cool. This is Calm-Aah Rose from Zilch.

This is a face Mist, pure rose water, water hydrating face Mist. It will refresh you. Store in a cool dry place keep out of reach of children. This is the rose water and it is made up by Himalayan roses, premium rose water guys. Appropriate for all skin types, paraben free and alcohol free which is really amazing.

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These are the directions to use. Shake it up, close your eyes and spiritz your face with this pure Himalayan dew to feel a dramatic wave of calm and chill. Use it at any time of the day, especially after your cleansing routine.

User Experience

What you have to do is, the step number one is, cleanse face. Step 2 is gently Pat dry. Step number 3 is spritz Calm Aah rose and step 4 is feel Bubbly fresh. As we can see in the video we have tasted it on the inner side of our elbow. You have to test it before use.

As there should be no reaction. Before usage you should check it out. Use it for prolong usage. It is made in India product and it is a proprietary Ayurvedic formula. It is a rose water, Rose Essential oil and sodium benzoate. It’s appropriate for all skin types and most important is, its travel friendly. We have been using it since few days.

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We are getting some amazing results. We are getting freshened up. Basically we use it during work time in breaks.  We get good natural glow after using it. Very useful product for sure. For spraying on your eyes, make sure you close your eyes and spray it. It will freshen you up for sure.

Final Verdict

It’s a must have product. It’s really important to keep freshening up for sure. There are multiple  benefits from it. You can use it as a toner, natural astringent, instant refereshner, cleanser, deep hydrator, light moisturiser, oil Balancer, pore minimizer, pre makeup prepper, skin soother, use it however you like. That’s it from our side. This is the Zilch Calm-Aah Rose. It’s nature’s versatile wonder tonic with steam distilled Himalayan roses. This is a premium product for sure. The MRP is rupees 400. You can purchase it on discount, if you check out the link below.

Price: INR 400 INR 250

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