Bitez Cafe Review – Cool hangout place in Pune

I was invited to enjoy some delicious food at Bitez Cafe in Pune. I was geared up and excited to visit this cafe which is close to DY Patil College of Engineering, Pimpri, Pune. So there I reached and location seem to be friendly for the college going students as it is very close to it.

Bitez Cafe Review - Cool hangout place in Pune

Bitez Cafe Review

Location of a Cafe and restaurant matters a lot for its success. Well, I try to experience it as a third party and my opinions and suggestions is what any restaurant owner is keen to know. Its a small place but can easily accommodate around 30-40 people in the cafe. So what do you expect from a cafe apart from a cold coffee? Well we did tasted cold coffee and it was nice.

Bitez Cafe Review - Cool hangout place in Pune
Chiken Pizza

Also we tasted the Chicken Pizza in the cafe. It is really a value for money indeed. It is tasty and it will surely make you addict to eat it whenever you visit the cafe. There are rolls also available in the Cafe. Veg and Non veg delicacies and enjoying it with Cold drinks is fun. Cafe is a good place to enjoy with friends and hangout for a while.

Bitez Cafe Review - Cool hangout place in Pune
Chocolate Sandwich

Apart from tasting these dishes there was a addition of good music. Yes, very nice songs playing in while having food is just cool. There are options for dessert as well for the user in the Cafe. This cafe is very close to college, but there are people who come from far places to just enjoy the fast food in the cafe.

Bitez Cafe Review - Cool hangout place in Pune
Masala Fries with Mayonnaise and Tomato Sauce

Their latest addition to the menu is the Biryani. Paneer Biryani seems to be favourite among the vegetarian college students. Though there are french fries and masala fries to add that extra taste to your meal. The menu is huge. There are a lot of variety of food available in the cafe for sure. People when come in to the cafe do have a minimum Cold coffee for sure.

The environment is fine but with music it does enriches a lot. There are a lot of things which I like about the Cafe. In McDonalds, generally if your meal is done, they ask you to leave the plave. Though in Bitez Cafe there is no compulsion. So we can see not only college students enjoying food for a long time, but also working professionals coming with their laptops and working and having a good time.

Bitez Cafe Review - Cool hangout place in Pune

If a good place with tasty food, you are looking for these 2 things, this cafe will surely serve your purpose. Better than a normal place for sure. So whenever you go there don`t forget to drink their Cold Coffee, Pizza and Rolls. So try them and let me know your experience at Bitez Cafe.

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