Rosh Botanical Hair Booster Review

Do you want longer, stronger hair? Well then you must use a Hair Booster. Today we have Rosh Botanical Hair Booster. They are having a lot of products. No chemical just love 100% natural. Essential nourishment for longer, stronger, incredible hair.

Rosh Botanical Hair Booster Review

It is having volume of hundred ml. It is for longer, stronger, incredible hair and enriched with extract of pure Herbs. It makes your hair stronger and gives promoted growth. There are some benefits as mentioned on the package. Natural Herbs provides deep nourishment to hair roots and scalp.

Rosh Botanical Hair Booster Review

Prevents premature greying and hairfall. Having a price of rupees 750, that is the MRP though you can get discount if you check out the link below. It stimulates new growth and its antioxidant properties improves hair texture, making the hair dense and lustrous.

Key ingredients include Amla, Methi seeds Brahmi and ayurvedic Herbs. It is enriched with Amla and Methi seeds to reduce hair loss. Ayurvedic Herbs encourage faster yet healthy hair growth. Significantly reduces split ends and hair breakage. It has very nice fragrance of Amla.

You can apply on the sections of scalp and ends of hair. Gently massage for 3 to 5 minutes on scalp, allowing the formula to penetrate into the roots. Leave it overnight or for a few hours. Use lukewarm water to shampoo your hair. Those were the directions to use.

User Experience

We have just started using it and we are getting decent results from this Rosh Botanical Hair Booster. It doesn’t stick at all. It does help hair to be smooth, shiny and healthy. It is better than normal hair oil, it will help you for your hairfall problems as well.

After applying the hair booster you will feel cooling effect on your scalp. We usually keep it overnight after application.

You can surely give it a try. If you want to purchase it kindly check out the link below.

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