Strauss Anti Skid Yoga Mat Review

Doing Yoga or working out in home is very important these days in this pandemic. You need a good yoga mat to start with as you can do several exercises on a yoga mat. Today we have Strauss Anti Skid Yoga Mat. It comes with carrying bag.

Strauss Anti Skid Yoga Mat Review

There is also a shoulder strap so you can carry it with you anywhere. You can keep the yoga mat after use, inside it properly. It’s very much essential to have a carry bag. Generally while buying the yoga mat you have to consider a few points like you should buy a dark coloured yoga mat.

Strauss Anti Skid Yoga Mat

Don’t buy plastics material yoga mat. Buy eco-friendly material. This yoga mat is having rebound resilience. As we can see very neatly packed. There’s also plastic casing, which we will remove. This yoga mat is having a size of 173 cm by 61 CM. There are various details mentioned on the package.

It is anti slip, anti scratch and lightweight. The mat is easy to roll up and store. It takes very little space. The best thing is, it is very much washable. There is slip prevention in inside it. It is having MRP of rupees 1299, though you can get a discount if you check out the link below.

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It is having a thickness of 6 millimetre. Though it is available in 4 millimetres, 6 and 8 millimetre variants. This is a 6 millimetre variant. It is ideal for exercising at home. It is made of thick high quality PVC rubber. It is very soft material with textured finish for extra comfort.

Strauss Anti Skid Yoga Mat Review

They have used PVC foam material in it. It is a sweat absorber, smell resistant. The base provides firm grip on the floor. The mat won’t curl or move. It will help your feet or knee from damage due to its padding. It is available in green, grey, pink, purple and blue colour variants.

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This is the blue colour variant. We like to do workouts and exercises. We did tried plank on it. It is having slip prevention. We are able to do the planks very much with ease due to its anti skid property. It feels soft, comfortable and it is good for daily use. You can do workouts on this yoga mat.

You can also do yoga and other exercises as well. Anyone can use this yoga mat from kids to grown-ups, it suits for all. We loved this yoga mat. We do exercise regularly on it. It is very much travel friendly. You can take it with you outdoors. You can take it to tours, treks.

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You can do various workouts using the yoga mat. It’s really very much comfortable. It will give you a good experience. The comfortable cushions hips, knees, elbows on hard surfaces. These will give you good cushions on your body parts. After use, you can easily rollup and store it anywhere.

You can carry it with you using this carry bag. The best thing is, it is washable so. That’s a great quality in this anti skid yoga mat from Strauss. It is having MRP of rupees 1299. If you want to purchase it, kindly check out the link in the description below to get decent discount.

We did liked this yoga mat and we are using it on a daily basis to do workouts at home in this pandemic. You can also check it out.

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