Poshn Functional Superjuice Review

Looking for healthy juices to increase your immunity? What if we tell you about natural superjuice which is healthy and also give you good amount of energy. Today we have Poshn Functional Superjuice. We have two variants, these are Poshn Recharge & Poshn Relax.

Poshn Functional Superjuice Review

Poshn Functional Superjuice Review


We have done the unboxing. As we can see there is some note in the box. It has nutrition + magical concoction. Some may call it magic, we call it Poshn. It is Vegan, no added sugar, gluten-free. There is a thank you note as well. It has roots and Herbs.

It’s all natural, Non-GMO. They are saying they have hand picked these blends of fruits and Herbs to make sure you have a fruitful day. These are 4 bottles and there are two variants. One is the Recharge and another one is Relax.

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Poshn Recharge Review

We’re talking about the Recharge functional super juice from Poshn. It is made with natural ingredients. It has net quantity of 200 ml. This is the packing, this is the product design. Very nice product design. As mentioned no added sugar, served chilled.

Poshn Recharge Review
Poshn Recharge Superjuice

It is high on taste, no added sugar, natural high quality ingredients, added vitamins and minerals. These are the ingredients mentioned. There is also a measuring scale. You can check out how much juice is left in the bottle without opening the bottle.

It has apple, orange, pink guava, Apricot, mango, banana, passion fruit, lime, lemon plus it has green tea, ginseng, stevia and also other major ingredients. It also contains added natural flavours like mixed fruit and also processed fruit juice. Consume entire bottle to feel effect.

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Sedimentations are a natural occurrence. Consume within 24 hours of opening and most important serve chilled. It is made with natural ingredients. It does boost immunity as per the company. Nowadays in this crisis, in this pandemic, improving immunity is very important.

We will talk about the nutritional facts. Per 100 ml you will get 30 kilo Calories of energy, 0.25 gram protein, 7.2 gram carbohydrates, 6 milligram Niacin, 1.6 milligram panthothenic acid, it has 34 milligram magnesium, 3 milligram zinc, 0.8 milligram Vitamin B6, 0.05 milligram vitamin B2 and 0.5 mcg vitamin B12.

Those were the nutritional facts. It is best before 6 months from manufacturing date. It’s important to boost immunity these days. Having such super functional juice is really important. Poshn recharge will recharge your mind and body as it is made from tropical fruits. It is having a price of rupees 85.

Poshn Recharge: Tasting Experience

This is the Poshn Recharge. As we can see, we are filling it up. We have already tasted this Poshn recharge. It did tasted well. It’s really important to get some good energy. You can have it before workout, also after workout as well. Now a days in this pandemic, you might be going for running or walking and having good energy supplement is really important. This superjuice will work for for you.

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Poshn Relax Review

This is another variant, another flavour. This is the Poshn Relax. It is made with natural ingredients as well. This is the packaging, it is having a similar product design, but it is in red colour. It is having important ingredients like apple, pear, strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Cranberry, black currant, gooseberry, chamomile and stevia.

Poshn Relax Review
Poshn Relax Superjuice

These are important ingredients. We will talk about the nutritional facts. Per hundred ml you will get 25 kilo calories of energy, 0.25 gram of protein, 6 milligram of Carbohydrates, it is having also price of rupees 85. Zero fat, Zero saturated fat, 0 trans fat, 8 milligram Vitamin C, one milligram Vitamin B6, 0.05 milligram B2, 0.5 mcg vitamin B12.

The Poshn relax is made with natural ingredients. It is rich in antioxidants and does wonders for your skin, while nourishing a body with vitamins. It will make your stress fly away with Poshn relax, relax your way amissed the busy life.

Poshn Relax : Tasting Experience

If you’re tired of Sleepless Nights or just need to calm your nerves, then relax drink is for you. Poshn Relax is high in vitamin C and has added Vitamin B complex which helps you with the necessary vitamins. This relax really helps me by doing meditation, before meditation as well.

It tastes amazing. One of my favorites out of the two. It did tasted well, a bit sweet as well. That is the Poshn relax for you. If you want to purchase these functional super juice, check out the link below. Do check out the video. Some good functional super juice, it does help in your immunity which is important in these critical times.

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