Dr Ortho Oil Review – Joint Pain Relief Oil

Are you doing regular exercise and feel joint pain at times? Do you get any joint pains like knee pain, shoulder pain or any other joint pain? Today we have a very popular brand. We have Doctor Ortho Oil. It is one of the Asia’s most promising brand as per the survey by IBrands.

Dr Ortho Oil Review - Joint Pain Relief Oil

Dr Ortho Oil Review

This is the Doctor Ortho Oil. It is an Ayurvedic medicine. We’ll talk about the details of this product and how it can help you in your joint pains. We will also show the demonstration of how to apply it on your body as well. It is 100% Ayurvedic, purely herbal without any side effect product.

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As we can see it is having MRP of rupees 295 and it is having a net quantity of 120 ml. This is the Doctor Ortho Oil. There are indications as directed by the physician. We will show you how to apply it for sure. This Dr Ortho oil helps in stimulation of blood circulation, stiff muscles and Limbs joint aches and pain.

It has good spreadability, which is quick absorption over affected areas. This is the seal pack product. We will do the unboxing of it. We have opened the seal. Let’s check out what’s inside. This is the product. As we can see it is a 120 ml product.

It is a mutual way benefits in various pain conditions with long-lasting effects. It ensures pain relief in chronic conditions as well. This is the product from Dr Ortho oil. As we can see it is 20% extra. Generally it is having a volume of 100 ml, but this product is of 120 ml total.

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As we can see it has a price of rupees 295. It has important constituents like Alsi Tel, Kapur Tel, Pudina Tel, Chid Tel, Gandhapura Tel, Nirgundi Taila, Jyotishmati Tel, Katuvera Tel, Til Tel. These are sum of the important oils in this Dr Ortho Ayurvedic oil. We will now open the product.


This is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine. We talked about the features of this product for sure. We’ll show you how to apply for sure soon. There’s some manual as well. There are some details about this product, which you can check out when you purchase this product.

There are some details about the brand as well. They have other ointment spray and other products of Dr Ortho oil, which you can check out. In this way you can take out the oil on your hand. As advised you can actually take 5 to 10 ml in a particular bowl.

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Our Experience

Then you can gently apply to the joints wherever you feel the pain. Before using make sure you wash your hands and then you can apply it. Take 5 to 10 ml more and depending upon the part of affected, gently massage twice a day as or directed by the physician.

As we showed, you can gently massage it on the joints whenever you feel pain. Basically you can use it for knee joints, for elbow joints even on your shoulders. If you are into fitness, if you are your doing gyming you can need it to get relied from any joint pain.

Final Verdict

If you have any shoulder pain or joint pain then you can apply doctor ortho oil. If you want to purchase it, check out the link below. The MRP is rupees 295. So check out the link in the description below if you want to purchase it. I had pain in my palm few days back during the exercise. I used it for three days and giving me good results. You can purchase this doctor ortho oil. It will surely relief your pain.

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