Trivikrama Groundnut Oil Review – Coldpressed Virgin Groundnut Oil

Want to have a healthy and tasty oil for your food? Well then you read this review. Today we have Trivikrama Premium Coldpressed Virgin Groundnut Oil. This is the product and we are doing the review of the oil. Do read till end to know how to use this oil and how we have used it in a recipe.

Trivikrama Groundnut Oil Review

This is the Premium Coldpressed Virgin Groundnut Oil. Staying fit and eating right is really important. Enjoy your food with taste but you must use pure products, pure natural products. We get some amazing products for you. It is made using the Lakdi Ghana Technology.

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It is an ancient Indian method for churning oil. It’s really important to use traditional methods and use the pure oil. This is a traditional oil.They are rich in nutritional value and they are free from harmful Chemicals. It is having a price of rupees 350 and has a volume of 1000 ml or 1 litre.

It has no preservatives, no harmful Chemicals and it is 100% organic. This is the product. They are rich in nutritional value.

Nutrition Facts

We will talk about the nutrition facts. So per hundred gram it is having fat of hundred gram. Ash is 0%, moisture is just point 0.07 gram, 0% cholesterol, 0 milligram sodium, 0 grand total carbohydrates, 0 gram dietary fibre, 0 total Sugars, no added sugar at all, zero gram protein, no vitamin D, 0 calcium, 0 iron and 0 potassium. These are the nutrition facts of this oil.

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We will talk about the other details. It is high level of HDL and it is good for your immune system. Nowadays in this pandemic, you need to have good immune system. Using such products will help your immunity. This oil is rich in vitamin E and it boosts your immune system.

This is a well packed product. We can see the oil in this transparent bottle. These are the groundnuts. This is groundnut oil. As we can see we have opened the bottle and we are using this oil. This is the Trivikrama Premium Coldpressed Virgin Groundnut Oil. We are preparing a dish.

User Experience

We are preparing gravy for paneer sabji or vegetable. This is the onion we are using it for Tadka. The raw materials used in this oil are purchased from organic farms only. These are pure ingredients in this oil. This is a pure oil. Trivikrama has taken the initiative to focus on the traditions of India.

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They are focusing on the roots of traditional process of making such nice oil. We have used it we have experience the taste of it. It’s really very much tasty. Groundnut oil is really amazing in taste. It really helped to get that taste in this dish.

“We are group of researchers who do research on ancient Indian technology(500-1000 years ago) on how was the lifestyle of ancient Indian used to follow which makes them live long and healthy life. Our focus is to bring back the age old tech and benefitted to people’s in common” – Trivikrama.

As mentioned earlier, no preservatives, no harmful Chemicals and its 100% organic product. As per the company this oil will prevent intestine cancer, prevents gallbladder, prevents memory loss, it also prevents blood dresses clotting related diseases. It’s very useful oil. It is having a price of rupees 350 and has volume of 1 litre. If you want to purchase it, check out the link in below.

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