Savayav Organic Honey Review

Having healthy products in this lockdown is really important. At FlipLifestyle today we have an essential food product. This is the Savayav Organic Honey. This is 100% natural, as you can see this is the  package. It is having symbol of handle with care. Very nice packaged product.

Will open the package soon. Will check out the honey. This is a review and our experience with this honey as well. We are opening the package right now.

Savayav Organic Honey Review

Let’s do the unboxing of the Savayav Honey. Its 100% natural direct form farm. It is having Agmark Grade A Honey by Dakshina Kannada Beekeepers. Let’s check out this box. It is a 500 gram net weight. This is the product, very nice packaging. It is also having a plastic wrapping as well.

Also in the box there was proper thermocol and secure packaging as well. Will remove the cover as well. As we can see the product is properly sealed on the lid. We will remove that seal as well. While purchasing the products, make sure that your product is properly sealed.

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We will open the packaging. As we can see now we are checking out the product. This is the Savayav Honey, direct from the farm. It is a product of India. It is having MRP of rupees 435 and having a net weight of 500 gram as mentioned earlier. Best before 18 months from packaging. We will talk about the important information.


Ingredients, it is having 100% natural Honey. It is honey collected from Western Ghat Dakshina Kannada beekeepers various regions such as Sullia, Belthangady and Puttur, Karnataka. Colour and flavour of the honey may differ depending on floral source.

Do not give Honey to children under 12 months. That is really important. We will talk about the nutritional factors as well. Do not refrigerate. No added sugar, no added colour, no added preservatives, and talking about the nutritional factors.

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Nutritional Factors

Per hundred gram it gives 363.5 kilo calories, 90.6 gram carbohydrate, total fat is zero gram which is really amazing, no fat at all. Reducing sugar is 68 gram, protein is 0.27 gram, total fibre is Nil.


Granulation, we talk about the process. Honey gets granulated under low temperature, climate and in place higher from sea level. This is how the Honey looks. Looks really amazing, natural honey, very nice fragrance. Seems to be very much pure as we can see. This is granulated honey, not adulterated. Keep such bottle in warm water for a while and use.

User Experience

We can see it’s pure honey, no added sugar, no added colour, no added preservatives. This is the Savayav Honey. Honey basically helps increase in immunity boost. You can use it for daily use. You can use daily one spoon. Its good for health.

Organic Honey, has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. Savayav brings you pure multiflora honey. This honey is packed without having to compromise your health as well. Very much pure honey. We have not only tasted it, but we have actually used in making a lot of recipes as well.

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Will be doing it in future too. Daily intake of one spoon of honey will increase your health in these times of crisis. In COVID Crisis improving your immunity is really important and using such natural products will certainly improve your immunity as well.

Make sure that the products you buy is having right kind of Agmark and all the properties. It’s important from our side to make sure that you use right products because your health is really important.

Final Verdict

Enjoy such products it is very much sweet, it’s tasty and its having Agmark Grade A as mentioned earlier. Very nice product from the company Savayav. If you want to purchase the product, check out the link below.

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