Keeros Multiseed Review

We are always looking for healthy alternatives. Especially in the breaks throughout the day. We end up in eating unhealthy food. What if we have a healthy option with us? Today we have keeros Multiseed Roasted Super Snack Review.

Keeros Multiseed Review

Keeros Multiseed Review

This is the pack. This is from the company Keeros. It is having Low GI, High Omega 3,  Zero cholesterol, it has high energy, high fibre, rich iron boosts heart health. This is the package of the product. It is ready to munch product. You can eat anytime in breakfast and it’s like a healthy super snack for you. We’ll talk about all the details of this product. Also the health benefits of it. This is the back side of the package. We can see a lot of details. It is having 37 gram and MRP rupees 50. In Rupees 50 you get 37 gram of this product. There is a lot of other information like ingredients and nutritional facts.


We will talk about the ingredients. It is having green Pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, watermelon seeds, Sesame seeds and dry dates. These are the ingredients. We will talk about the benefits of these ingredients in detail later in the review. These are important ingredients. Green Pumpkin seeds is good for prostate health. Dry dates is important to improve heart health.

Keeros Multiseed Review

Nutritional Facts

We will talk about nutritional facts, so per hundred gram it is having 394 kilo calories, protein is 18.4 gram, which is very good, fat is 21.8 grams, carbohydrates is just 31 gram, fibre is 11 gram, calcium is 300 milligram, Vitamin A is 12.5, Iron is 8.6 milligram, trans fat is zero and it has zero cholesterol. These are the nutritional facts. Wholesome flax seeds improve skin and hair texture. Sesame seeds lowers cholesterol. Watermelon seeds lowers blood pressure.

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We will do the unboxing of this product. Let’s see what is inside. This is the Airtight package. Very good packaging. You can use it later on as well. You can munch some and you can keep it for later. You can also keep anything for storage. It is very good. It is waterproof as well. We are opening the package. The seeds are very much well in tact in the package. Very nicely packaged product from the company keeros. We will taste it and will let you know our analysis of this product. We will take this in a bowl, we will munch it and we talk about it. This product gives high energy, high fibre, rich iron and boosts heart health. It’s a very healthy super snack.

Our Experience

We will taste it and tell you our analysis. After tasting this product, our analysis is that, it is a little bit sweet and it is very much tasty for sure. It’s tasty and sweet, but it is full of protein and high nutritional value. Its value for money as well. It is having very much health benefits, which are really valuable in your life. Have a healthy super snack. This is from keeros company. If you want to buy, check out the link below.

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