Grassmile Edible Grass Spoons Review

Saving the environment is in our hands. To do so, the bit we can do is use eco-friendly products. We review Lifestyle products and food products as well. Today we have a very interesting product for you. This is the Grassmile Edible Grass Spoons. This is a very interesting products for you guys.

Grassmile Edible Grass Spoons Review

Grassmile Edible Grass Spoons Review


This is the package of the product. We can see this is the package from the company Grassmile. These are the edible grass spoons as we can see on the package. There are ingredients mentioned and this is the price of it. In 300 rupees you get 15 pieces, that is 15 spoons in one package. This is of only one flavour and there are many flavours available. We will be talking in detail.


We will talk about the ingredients. Wheat flour, refined vegetable oil, corn flour, salt, flavours and spices. Those are the ingredients.

Grassmile Edible Grass Spoons Review

Nutrition Facts

We will talk about the nutrition facts. In one cup or in hundred gram we get total fat of 1 gram or 1% we get 380 kilocalories, saturated fat is 0% trans fat is zero gram. Cholesterol is 0% which is amazing for diabetes patients. Sodium is 450 milligram which is 20% Total carbohydrate is 82 gram that is 30%

Dietary fibre is just 5 grams. Total sugar is just 2 gram and protein is just 10 gram. There are some important other things like vitamin D. We will do the unboxing of this package and let’s see what’s inside. Important vitamins like vitamin D, potassium, Calcium, and Iron is also present in the package.

All these spoons are eco-friendly. These are biodegradable as well. These are 100% organic. These are 100% pure and fresh.


We will do the unboxing of this product. I hope 15 spoons are there inside the box. Let’s check out the packaging. Do there is a different packaging, separate packaging for each and every spoon. These are edible spoons and these are really packaged well. You can see there are 15 spoons in this box. Each and every spoon is packaged differently.

Grassmile Edible Grass Spoons Review

We can see it is make in India. Very nice initiative by the company. We will actually check out the edible spoon. This flavour is the Peri Peri flavour. This is the spoon. This is an edible spoon. It is better than plastic, use edible spoons because we should not harm the environment for sure.

Using edible spoons is really important. You can use it while traveling. That was the backside, very nice design of the spoon. Easy to use. There are 18 different flavours available. These are 18 different spoons and you can I should purchase a package differently of a particular flavour. We will taste 1 flavour. We will taste 1 edible spoon. We will show you how to eat it and we will show the demo.

User Experience (Tasting)

This is the Mawa Malai edible spoon. This is from the company Grassmile. This is an edible spoon and you can actually enjoy with any of the food items. I am trying it with curd. Let’s taste it, How it tastes and all. I can take like this curd. It tastes like Mawa, not pure for sure. We can eat the spoon like this while eating.

18 Different Flavours:

  1. Peri Peri
  2. Dark Chocolate
  3. Vanilla
  4. Strawberry
  5. Mazzi Mango
  6. Pan Bahar
  7. Magic Masala
  8. Tasty Jeera
  9. Tangy Tomato
  10. Schezwan
  11. Mumbai Bhel
  12. Mint Coriander
  13. Italian Herb
  14. Mawa Malai
  15. Dark Coffee
  16. Butterscotch
  17. Choco Delight
  18. Methi Magic

These were the 18 flavours from the company you can check out the link in the description below to buy.

You can check out the video below.

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