Timios Review – Healthy Snacks for Kids

Providing healthy snacks for kids has been challenge to the parents. What if the healthy snacks are tasty too? Today we have Timios products. These are for kids. These are snacks products for kids, specially created for the age group of 9 months+ to 12 years. These products are for 2+ years and 4+ years. We will review these products. Let’s start with the Timios Banana and Honey Stars.

Timios Banana & Honey Stars Review

This is a product for two plus years. It is 100% natural, non fried whole grain snack, flavoured with banana and honey. It is having a net weight of 30 gram. It is having a lot of ingredients, some of them include whole wheat, corn, rice, mung dal, Ragi, Rice bran oil and extracts of natural honey.

Timios Banana & Honey Stars
Timios Banana & Honey Stars

Bananas are high in Vitamin B6, calcium, iron and other minerals as well. Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life like the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and water. We are unboxing the product. It is having a price of rupees 20 only.

It has net weight of 30 gram and 20 rupees product. These are the banana and honey stars. Let’s check them out. This is a fuel of delicious natural ingredients which will keep your kids satisfied for sure. They can enjoy it in their snacks time. A great source of vital nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, protein and soluble fibre. Kids will certainly love it. These were the Timios banana and star.

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Timios Spinach & Lime Puffs Review

This is the another product from Timios. These are the timios Spinach and Lime Puffs. This is the product. It is having net weight of 30 gram. 100% natural, non fried, whole grains snack flavoured with spinach and lime. Main ingredients include whole wheat, corn, rice, mung Dal, Ragi, Rice bran oil, dehydrated spinach and lemon sugar, spices and natural mixed tocopherol.

Timios Spinach & Lime Puffs
Timios Spinach & Lime Puffs

Spinach will provide you a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Minerals. The citrus foods are loaded with Vitamin C which is really important for kids. There are a number of limes. They would eat limes, have very little natural sugar in them.

A whole lime has only has one gram of sugar in it. That’s a very much healthy snack for kids. It is also a snack product for two plus years kids. We will unbox it let’s check out it inside. It is having a great source of vital nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, protein and also soluble fibre.

Timios Carrot & Cumin Sticks Review

This is the Timios Carrot and Cumins sticks. It is also having a net weight of 30 gram. 100% natural. These are non fried, whole grains snack flavoured with carrot and cumin. Main ingredients include corn, rice, whole wheat, moong dal, Ragi, Rice bran oil, extracts of natural carrot and cumin, sugar, spices and natural mixed tocopherol.

Timios Carrot & Cumin Sticks

Store in a cool, dry place. Best before 6 months from manufacturing. It has a price of rupees 20 only. Carrots are really important source of beta-carotene. The human body turns this into vitamin A which is important for the health of vision for the kids. Which is really important.

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Cumin has antibacterial, antitumor and immunogenic properties. That’s important characteristics of the cumins. These are very interesting sticks and these are very tasty as well. Kids like it. These are also for 2 plus years kids. Let’s check it out. The Cumins, stimulates secretion of saliva and activity of intestinal enzymes, which all together facilitate digestion. That is the important characteristics of Cumin as well.

Timios Tomato N Cheese Rings Review

These are the tomato and cheese rings. It is also having net weight of 30 gram. 100% natural, non fried, whole grain snack flavoured with tomato and cheese. We will talk about the important ingredients as well. It is having whole wheat, corn, rice, mung dal, Ragi, Rice bran oil, salt, cheese powder and tomato powder, sugar, mixed spices, yeast extract powder and natural mixed tocopherol. Same instructions, store in a cool dry place.

Timios Tomato N Cheese Rings
Timios Tomato N Cheese Rings

It is having a price of rupees 20 only. These are proprietary food snacks. They are also available in other flavours which we reviewed earlier. These are the nutritional facts. Per hundred gram you can check out all these important nutritional facts.

You get 444 kilo calorie of energy in it. Tomatoes are important to provide Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and potassium. There are many varieties of tomato. Cheese also helps you to get protected from tooth enamel and has an antibacterial effect.

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If you eat cheese in moderate quantity, it’s an excellent source of protein, calcium and also phosphorus. These are some of the important things mentioned for tomatoes and cheese. Let’s unpack it. Nice product design for all of them. These are the Rings. Tomato and cheese rings.

Having healthy snacks is really important for the kids. Even with the healthy snacks you can provide good taste as well with these snacks products. Make sure you give your kids good healthy and tasty snack products like these.

These look really good ring-shaped, very nice. My niece liked this tomato and cheese rings. Will also check out other products from Timios as well. These were the snacks products.

Timios Cereal Crunchies Review

We’ll talk about another snack product from timios. These are the Cereal Crunchies. These are also for two plus years kids. It is having net weight of 30 gram. Crunchies are a perfectly balanced cereal for your little ones. These are made from whole grains with real strawberries.

Timios Cereal Crunchies
Timios Cereal Crunchies

We will talk about the important ingredients. It is having whole wheat flour, rice, wheat flour, cocoa powder, sugar, refined vegetable oil, strawberry, beetroot juice powder malt, salt, natural mixed tocopherol. It is also having a price of rupees 20 only.

It is also having real strawberries taste. Get your kids the nutrition they need during the day. It is good source of antioxidants, soluble fibre, Calcium helps in boosting the immune system. There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Dissolves easily in your children’s mouth.

Tasty and healthy in every bite. That is for most of the products from Timios. You can also mix these crunchies with milk and give it your kids. As mentioned earlier, it is having a price of rupees 20. Let’s unpack it. Very nice strawberry fragrance. These crunchies do look good.

These taste a bit like strawberry as well. Kids do like tasty stuff. If you provide them with healthy alternative then it’s really nice and important for their health as well.

Timios Nutty Bar Review

This is the Timios  Nutty Bar, dates, oats and nuts. It is 100% natural, no added Sugars, no junk and this nutty bar is for 4+ year kids. If you’re having a kid who is 4+ years then you can give these nutty bars to him/her. There are four bars, 30 gram each in this pack.

Timios Nutty Bar
Timios Nutty Bar

It is having main constituents of Dates, Oats and Nuts. It is also having good source of good fats that is Omega 3 and Omega 6, antioxidants, soluble fibre helps in boosting immune system. We can see the nutritional facts and other details mentioned at the back of this product.

Important nutritional facts per 30 grams you get energy of 119.4 Kilo Calories and other details as mentioned. The ingredients include dates, oats, nuts, malt extract Honey, rice crispies,  refined vegetable oil and natural mixed tocopherol. It is having a price of rupees 140.

In Rupees 140 you get 4 nutty bars. We have unpacked it.  These are the 4 nutty bars. Each nutty bar is also priced at rupees 35 each. We have opened it. It does look delicious as well. It is designed to provide children with natural energy that’s lost throughout the day.

The kid can regain that energy using this nutty bar. Let’s checkout inside. It has no junk, it is pure with dates, oats and nuts. Whenever the kids are hungry, you can give this nutty bar to them. They will certainly like it. My niece loved it for sure.

Timios Berry Bar Review

This is Timios Berry Bar. It is having dates, oats and berries. There are 4 bars inside. It is for 4 plus years kids. Made from natural ingredients, contains naturally occurring Sugars. The total net weight is 120 gram. This is the back of the product, very nice product design.

Timios Berry Bar
Timios Berry Bar

Source of antioxidants, soluble fibre, Vitamin C, calcium helps in boosting immune system. Ingredients include dates, oats, berries, malt extract, Honey, rice crispies, refined vegetable oil and Natural mixed tocopherol. These are the ingredients.

Real fruits, no processed Sugars, no added flavours, no added colours, no added preservatives. These were some important ingredients. These are made with real berries, dates oats and nuts. Free from added flavours. Designed to provide children with natural energy that’s lost throughout the day.

It is having a price of rupees 140. Will unbox this package. Each bar is just 100 kilo calorie. Most important, no junk. With this package, the kids also get a surprise activity. There is a surprise activity, gift inside this pack. Plus there are four Berry bars.

L to R: Timios Nutty Bar, Timios Berry Bar

This is a very nice game which the kid can play. The kid can search for these words. This is a very nice activity. There are surprise activities inside this box. The kids might love for sure. Rolled with highest quality Berry chunks. This is a yummy snack, rich with protein, soluble fibre, healthy fats. Kids will certainly love to play it.

These are the four berry bars. Each berry bar is priced at rupees 35. Let’s check out what is inside. This is the Berry bar. We will check it out. My niece has enjoyed both these bars. Berry bar and the nutty bar as well. Nutty bar has her favourite for sure. The berry bar is also and these are the two packs.

Final Verdict

These bars come with good taste and also with good content of protein which is essential for the kids. Snacks can be essential in breakfast for kids in the evening time or in the morning as well. If you want to purchase timios snacks products, check out the link below. Kindly watch this video as well.

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