Cadbury 5 Star 3D Bites Review

We have a very interesting chocolate to be reviewed. Enjoying chocolates on a daily basis is delightful. There is no kind of occasion of enjoying chocolates. This is the 5 star 3D bites pack from Cadbury. This is the package. It is having 15 bites, 15 treats as they say. This is the back side of the package. Enjoying chocolate is really important. It is having Eat it, Lock it, repeat kind of package. Yes it’s an airtight package.

Cadbury 5 Star 3D Bites Review

Cadbury 5 Star 3D Bites Review

You have to store it in your fridge, raid it at your will. You can actually grab it and enjoy it at night or anytime. There are bite size pieces that easy to share if you really want to.


These are the ingredients. It is having sugar, liquid glucose, hydrogenated vegetable fat, milk solids, edible vegetable fat, Wheat crispies 4%, Refined wheat flour(maida), sugar, corn starch, edible salt, palm kernel oil, leavening agents, invert sugar, cocoa solids, Humectant, emulsifiers and edible salt.

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Milk Chocolate 33% it has sugar, cocoa, butter, milk solids 5%, lactose, cocoa solids and emulsifiers. Instruction mentioned: Store in a cool hygienic and dry place. Do not store above temperature of 25 degree Celsius. It is best before 12 months from packing. It is from the company Cadbury. The weight of this package is 180 gram and it has MRP of rupees 200.

Cadbury 5 Star 3D Bites Review

Nutritional Information

I will talk about the nutritional information. Per hundred gram it gives you 517 kilo calorie, 4.6 gram protein, 63.3 gram carbohydrate, 51.2 gram sugar and fat is 27.3 gram. That is the nutritional value which you will get by enjoying these chocolates.

Guideline daily amount for energy is 2000 kilo calories. This is the product from the company Cadbury. We love enjoying chocolates, so thought of sharing our experience with this product to you. This is the package from the company Cadbury 5 star 3D bites, home 15 treats. Now we will open the package.

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As we can see it’s an airtight packing. Amazing packing. You can keep your chocolates there. There are 15 chocolates. We enjoyed some of them. We can check out the remaining ones for sure. In the review basically we only share the review only when we use them. That is our expertise because once we use it, we share our experience. This is small package of Cadbury 5 star 3D.

This is a small 12 gram packet from the company Cadbury. No price is mentioned in the small package because the price is already mentioned on the large package, it has the price of MRP 200 only. It comes with 15 packets. We can’t wait to enjoy more of it. We will taste it out for sure and the fun fact is that from the package you can serve it in a proper tray. You can share it with your family and friends if you need to.

I like to eat it alone for sure. It’s not like that. When you share chocolates you share love as well. Enjoying chocolates is really fun. You can much anytime chocolates, mostly at night time you enjoy. Even while doing work you can enjoy chocolates. There is no kind of occasion as mentioned earlier. These are the 5 star 3D light chocolates and we actually enjoyed few of them.

User Experience

They are crispy, they are very chocolatey. They are sweet as well. What can we expect more from a Five Star chocolate guys. Opening the wrapper to show you the inside of the chocolate. This is the chocolate itself. Looks yummy. Let me taste it. Once again, we have already tasted it but we show you inside of it. We are opening it. Will crack it open and show you what’s inside the chocolates.

Final Verdict

Wow! so yummy. I can’t wait to have one. I’ll have one of it. I just had one of it and it tasted amazing. I want to eat more. This is the 5 star 3D bite from company Cadbury. Want to buy? Purchase it from the link below. Do watch the youtube video.

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