Keeros Quinoa Grain Review

We always look for healthier food alternatives for you. We will keep recommending healty food items to you too. One of them is Keeros Quinoa Grain. Having healthy snacks is really important. This is the third product from Keeros. This is the Keeros Quinoa Grain Review.

Keeros Quinoa Grain Review

Keeros Quinoa Grain Review


This is the package. It is a healthy product. It is healthy for all and safe for diabetes. It is having low GI, high protein, 0 cholesterol, awesome taste and Wholesome nutrition as per the company. We will check out the product. This is the backside of the package.

Keeros Quinoa Grain Review


We’ll also check out the ingredients. It is having Quinoa, Pearl Millets, Soya beans, Green Grams, Dew Beans, Cottonseed Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Rock salt and other relevant spices. These were the ingredients which are present in this package. This is a very healthy. It’s a roasted snack pack for you from keeros.

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Nutritional Facts

We will talk about the nutritional facts. These are per 100 grams. It has Energy of 398 kilocalories, 13.5 gram protein, 5.3 grams fat, 74.4 gram carbohydrates, 7.5 gram fibre, iron is 6.4 milligrams, magnesium is 4.5 milligram, trans fat is zero. Yes it doesn’t have any trans fat at all. Cholesterol as mentioned earlier it is zero. Amazing for heart patients. It is rich in fibre, it is rich in iron, rich in protein and rich in Magnesium. It is having weight of 38 grams and MRP is rupees 50. In 50 rupees you get just 38 grams of this healthy snacks from the company Keeros.

Keeros Quinoa Grain Review


We will actually do the unboxing of this package. Package is very much good to store. It is an Airtight package. The Quinoa grain. As we can see we can open the package like this. You can munch some and you can keep some later as well. You can store anything as well later on. This is Keeros Quinoa Grain from Keeros. It seems to be very much healthy snack very nicely kept in the package not at all damaged. It really is  amazing. It seems to be crispy.

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Keeros Quinoa Grain Review

User Experience / Tasting

Let’s taste it out. So we take out some Grains from the package. We will try to taste it and we will let you know our experience with it. Healthy snacks is a really important for you. It is good for you when you actually do workouts. You should take care of your health. For heart patients, people having diabetes. This is from the company Keeros. There are other products which we have reviewed from the company. You can check the description below. You will get the links. It was really amazing nice taste. If you want to buy this product check out the link below.

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