Sliding Wardrobe Review – Spacious for 2 people

If you have purchased a new home or you have moved into a new place, then you need the right furniture for you. FlipLifestyle will suggest you amazing furniture options for your home. This will certainly flip your lifestyle. Two main important things in the bedroom are: one is a comfortable bed and another is a wardrobe. Having right wardrobe which fits in or checks in all your essential things is really important.

If you are a couple who has just got married or moving to a new place need this kind of wardrobe for sure. We have extensively used wardrobe which we have reviewed. We will share our exclusive experience with you.

Sliding Wardrobe Review - Spacious for 2 people


As you can see in the picture above, this wardrobe consists of two important compartments. The one with the huge mirror side is for female and one with the design part is for male user. As you can see it has a large Mirror on left side of the Wardrobe. You can open the Wardrobe using, sliding the door.

In this compartment you will see that there is a section for hanging the clothes. There is a bangle stand. a small shelf. There is a secret locker and two large shelves. There is also drawer Beneath The sliding door. The female user can keep her shoes or some other stuff in the drawer.

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Coming to the male section of the wardrobe. Where a male user can use it. In this section we can see that it has rod for hanging clothes. There are two drawers which can be locked. There are two shelves where you can keep the clothes. There is drawer beneath the Wardrobe for the Male section as well.

You can keep your shoes or other stuff as you need. In the User experience, we have shared our experience with wardrobe and how you can use it efficiently. Is it worth to buy or not? The length of the Wardrobe is 6 feet, height is 6 feet and the depth is two and half feet. You can keep a lot of items in the Wardrobe, it is certainly a spacious wardrobe indeed.

 User experience

Keeping your clothes properly is really important. A messed up bedroom will have a messed of mind for sure. To declutter your mind you need to keep your things organized properly. Clothes are an essential part of your life and keeping them properly you need a good wardrobe.

In the female section the female user can keep clothes hanging on the above or in the shelves. The bangle stand to keep bangles. There is also a locker where she can keep valuables like jewellery, etc. There are two more shelves where she can keep more clothes or other things(like makeup.

There is a drawer Beneath The Wardrobe which can be used for keeping your shoes, heels and you can use it for keeping extra bed sheets as well. As we have kept. As far the female section, we are really happy with this wardrobes construct and built.

Coming to the Male section the male user can keep his clothes hanging in the rod using proper hangers. He can even keep the Blazers properly by using hangers in the Wardrobe. To keep the Ties. there are drawers allocated for it. You can also keep some male accessories. Even you can keep your watches inside. You can keep your wallet as well. Drawer was helpful as we can lock our stuff(important things) in it. In the shelves, you can keep your jeans pants, t-shirts and other clothing accessories. There is a drawer below the doors. As mentioned earlier you can keep extra clothing, new clothes or even you can keep your shoes.

Final verdict

So here comes the final verdict. After extensively using this wardrobe for few months. This moment of time it is really helping us to keep our clothes & our stuff organized. It is an essential furniture for bedroom. As there is a huge mirror, the expenses for the dressing table are certainly nullified. Will highly recommend this wardrobe for your home, the looks of this furniture also amazing.

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