Balaji Wafers Cream & Onion Review

Enjoying chips in leisure time is the real luxury. The happiness you get when you taste your favourite chips is wonderful. Recently we had my favourite Balaji Wafers Cream & Onion wafers. So we are sharing our experience with you.

Balaji Wafers Cream Onion Review
Balaji Wafers Cream & Onion

Balaji Wafers Cream & Onion Review

Today we are doing Balaji wafers cream and onion Review. These are potato chips with onion flavour. This is the package from Balaji wafers. Balaji wafers is known for good value for money products. This is the behind of the package. We can see 3 more flavours: Tomato Twist, Masala Masti and Chat Masala. These are three more flavours from the company.

DesignThe packaging is nice. It shows the wafers properly. Also one thing which we liked about the package is that you can easily open it by your hand. We will talk about the ingredients inside this package. These are potato, edible vegetable oil, milk solids, sugar, iodised salt, onion powder, Herbs, acidity regulator and anti caking agent.

Balaji Wafers Cream & Onion Review

This is a pack of 135 grams and per 100g is having 523 kilo calorie, protein is 6.3 gram, carbohydrate 57.2 gram fat is 30 gram. These are the key nutrition information. The price of this product is rupees 30 only. In 30 rupees you get 135 gram of these Wafers.

Our Experience

Lets do the unboxing of it. Lets taste chips, so we have already tasted the chips and they are delicious. You get a very nice onion taste. This is my favourite product from Balaji wafers.

Final Verdict

Well if you look for value for money, then you got to buy them for sure. These are amazing in taste. If you like Onion then you will like them. These are very much crunchy and tasty too. Watch the video below and .

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