Tang Review – Lemon Juice

Today we have a very interesting food product. This is the Tang Review – Lemon Juice. It is a juice product. It is having lemon flavour. It can make up to 5 litres of juice. This is in the powdered form. This pack is of 500 gram. Half kg pack. We’ll talk about the important vitamins which is having in the lemon flavour as shown to you. It is available also in mango, orange and mosambi flavours. More three flavours are available.

Tang Review - Lemon Juice

Tang Review – Lemon Juice


It is having vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and iron as well. It consists of Vitamin B9 and B12. It is best before 18 months from packing. We will show you the process soon. Take 2 tablespoons of Tang powder 20 gram, mix the tang powder in a glass of 200 ml of cold water. Stir well and serve. No need to add sugar. Tastes best when served cold. With this pack you will get also another free pack, will talk about it later. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is essential on a daily basis.

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Nutritional Information

It is having nutritional information. We will talk about that also in detail. We will talk about all per hundred gram. In every 100g you get 391 kilo calorie energy, protein is 0 grams, carbohydrates is 94.8 gram,(of which Sugars) is 94.2 grams, fat is ZERO gram. That is amazing. Saturated fat is zero. Trans fat is Zero. Sodium is 283 milligram. Folic acid is 90 microgram. Vitamin A is 450 microgram, Vitamin C is 30 milligram, vitamin B12 is 0.75 microgram and iron is 12 milligram.

User Experience

Net weight as mentioned is 500 gram. This is half kg product priced at Rs 135 and with that you get a 75 gram worth rupees 25 for free. You get 75 gram packet for free when you buy this product. If you want to purchase, check out below. This is the time we will actually taste it out. How it tastes? You just have to take two spoons. This is glass.

Then we’ll take two spoons of Tang. This is an edible spoon, which we are using. We will talk about it also. Let’s take out two spoons of Tang. This is the lemon flavour. Lemon is really amazing. You can use it after workout, after jogging. Very nice flavour. Let’s taste it out. Smells good for sure. We will put some cold water and stir well. You can see the powdered form. This juice is in the powdered form available.

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So you have to keep in a cool, dry place. Make sure you keep it in a proper air tight container if needed. Adding 200ml water. You have to Stir it well. The amazing thing is we will stir it with the edible spoon. This is edible spoon from the company Grassmile. You can eat it as well. This is a very nice replacement of plastic. In this way we have to stir well. As we can see no powder is remaining. Enjoy the juice.

Our Verdict

We did tasted it,  nice taste. Felt a bit sour for sure. Thank you for watching. If you want to buy, check out the link below. Have a great day ahead!  Do check out the below Youtube video.

Price: INR 135 (500g)

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