Mango Merry Review – Delicious Mango Juice

Looking for a nice juice which is healthy and tasty too? Well there are many available in the market and you must be very much dicey which one to choose. Many people go with the ideal brands to choose from. The main thing is that we have to enjoy the drink and at the same time it has to be healthy too.

Mango Merry Review

Mango Merry Review

Both these check boxes are ticked by this brand named as Mango Merry. It is a brand by DMart and is made by Malas. Let us have a look at the packaging of the product.

Well the product does look cool and the packaging is similar to that of the other competitors for sure. Though there are additions. You can see that there is a plastic handle to lift up the bottle with ease. This is a 2 litre bottle and is certainly easy to lift by the plastic handle. Though this is not that of good quality it will just be there till you finish the juice. Later it may break for sure.

Mango Merry Review

Lets come the to real product now. Its the juice itself. We have done tasting of this juice for long time and we did enjoyed the process. This juice is seriously very much tasty. It is delicious and it does feel like it has the real mango pulp inside. I will certainly prefer it than the other brands as its price is also lower and good taste too.

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It is sweet and the best part is that it has ZERO fat in it. Yes you read that right, it has zero fat in the bottle. You can enjoy the juice as a healthy drink for sure. It is also having a very minute protein substance and decent energy too. You can enjoy this drink with snacks and also whenever you feel like. It can be taken during workout too as a nice energy supplier as well.

We enjoyed drinking this mango juice with delicious snacks like Handvo. Go for this juice not only in summer season but any time for sure.

Price: INR 75 (2 litre)

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