Vow Veda Immunity Booster Powder Review – How to make Immunity Drink

Are you looking for an immunity booster powder or immunity drink? Well now you can make immunity drink at you home easily. Today we have Vow Veda Immunity Immunity Booster Powder. In this pandemic it’s really important to take care of your health.

You must have a good immunity booster in these days to fight this coronavirus. To make your body more stronger, more good immunity based so you need a good immunity booster powder. This immunity booster powder comes with a lot of ingredients.

Vow Veda Immunity Booster Powder Review - How to make Immunity Drink

They also having a social cause 10% of the proceeds go for a noble cause. They are reinvested into the livelihoods of the local people who hand pick their ingredients with love and care. This is a great initiative with the brand who are helping the local people who are picking up the ingredients for them.

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This immunity booster is having an important set of ingredients which include Giloyee, Labanga, Bel powder, Haldi powder, Jeera powder, Ashwagandha, Pepper powder, Haridra powder, Curry leaf powder, cinnamon powder, Papaya leaf powder and moringa leaf powder.

How to make Immunity Drink

There are no preservatives added. It is plant based and there’s a sachet of 3 gram. So per sachet you get three gram of the immunity booster powder. It’s very simple to make your immunity drink. Take the immunity booster powder, add some water and also add Honey to get decent taste.

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Make sure that you drink this immunity booster in the early morning or with an empty stomach. It will be really helpful to you. In this pandemic it’s really important to have good immunity. Anyone can have this immunity booster powder, for all age groups and mostly for the adults and elderly people it is much advised to have this immunity booster powder.

Our Experience

To take care of your health is your utmost priority. It is 100% natural, no additives and no preservatives. Me and my colleague is having this immunity booster powder since few days and we’re getting good results. After using it we are feeling energetic.

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Whole day becomes very good used. Use it before workout. So before workout it’s really good to have good immunity for you and it’s good to do exercises as well. This box contains 30 sachets, so if you want to purchase it, kindly check out the link in the description below.

The total weight of this package is 90 gram. If you want to purchase it do check out the link below. You can also give this immunity booster to anyone as a good immunity gift, which is really important these days and it’s a very good gesture as well.

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