&Me Skin Drink Review – AndMe Skin Plant Based Collagen Drink for Women

Are you looking for a healthy skin drink which is made specially for women? Well if you want to have a glowing skin then you must try out this healhty drink. Today we have AndMe Skin hydrate cleanse glow. This is the Watermelon Rose drink.

&Me Skin Drink Review - AndMe Skin Plant Based Collagen Drink for Women

We will talk about the details and our experience with it. This is a limited edition Unstoppable Ayurveda and nutrition filled drink. Hydrate aloe vera, vitamin A, cleanse, Manjishtha, copper, grow, turmeric, Vitamin E and nourish 30% daily nutrition.

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Those are the details mentioned on the product design. Very well product design. There are some important nutritional facts. It will give you very much less than 0.1 gram of Fat, protein is zero gram and you can also see that added sugar is zero gram. There are a lot of vitamins.

&Me Skin Drink Review - AndMe Skin Plant Based Collagen Drink for Women

It is having 9 vitamins and key ingredients include watermelon and water. There are also other important ingredients mentioned on the package. It’s very much ready to drink. Shake well before use. Drink one to three bottles a day. It is having a price of rupees 85.

Once the bottle is open, consume it within 2 hours. AndMe skin drink is a unique combination of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals and ayurvedic herbs. Key ingredients include such as Neem, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, calcium that are critical in the nature, upkeep and nourishment of your skin. This drink is in watermelon flavour.

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There is natural blush in it. There are a lot of benefits. It Detoxes blood and reduces acne, hydrate and Glow. Builds collagen glowing skin, strong hair, healthy skin, Detox and blood purification. You will surely get benefits in 30 days.

There are no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours as well. It also helps in accelerating production of collagen and safeguarding collagen, degradation with ingredients like aloe vera, copper, iron, zinc and turmeric detoxing the blood and improving blood circulation.

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More circulation is equal to more oxygen, transfer by the skin cells is equal to more fresh new cells. So my colleague has started using this drink and she is getting decent results. If you have skin related issues, then this drink and certainly help it.

Otherwise for natural skin glow also this drink is perfect. If you want to purchase it, kindly check out the link below.

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