Sachi Saheli Review – Ayurvedic Medicinal Tonic For Women

Having a healthy ayurvedic tonic is beneficial not only on regular basis but in this pandemic. Its important to take care of yourself. Today we have Sachi Saheli An ayurvedic medicinal tonic. It is having a net quantity of 190ml. It is a healthy tonic with 67 Herbs.

Sachi Saheli Review - Ayurvedic Medicinal Tonic For Women

Sachi Saheli is a completely Ayurvedic medicinal tonic. As we can see there is a list of all these Herbs mentioned on the package. All these Herbs are Ayurvedic Herbs. It is for female users. It is quite beneficial in problems like menstrual disorders, menarche, menopause, hormonal imbalance, tiredness, back pain, abdominal cramps.

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It is having a price of rupees 215 as shown on the box, so that is the MRP. It will also solve problems like stress, anxiety, period cycles, weakness and lack of appetite. These are the indication, dosage as well.

In the dosage it is mentioned that take one measuring cup of 10 ml twice a day after meals or as directed by physician. Now we will unbox the package. Let’s check it out. We can see the tonic, there are also 20 tablets. Sachi Saheli cleanses toxins from the body, improves the immunity system and provides inner strength to a woman’s body.

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You need to take 1-2 tablets everyday and store in a cool and dry place. This is a leaflet with the tonic and tablets in this box. There’s a lot of information mentioned on the leaflet. This is the best ayurvedic tonic. 67 Herbs work together in a great manner to help a woman in her tough day of every month.

The tablets and tonic helps women in their health issues as well. You need to take 10 ml of tonic in the morning also a tablet and in the evening as well you will take 10 ml of the tonic and a tablet. In this way this is the dosage as mentioned on the package.

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My colleague is using this Sachi Saheli tonic and she is getting decent results. In this pandemic it’s really important to improve your health and immunity and having such a healthy tonic, will certainly help you out.

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