Boss Portable Blender Review – Big Boss Hand Blender, B115 model, Boss Blender Demo and Unboxing

Looking for saving your valuable time in Kitchen? Want to make delicious juices, milkshakes, etc within seconds? Well then you need a Blender. Today we have Boss Portable Hand blender. This is the B115 model and this is an essential kitchen appliance for you.

We’ll talk about the details, also our experience and also we will show you the demo. Make sure you watch the video till the end. This is the package, will soon unbox it. Boss company is celebrating 30 years, it has having more than 30 years of existence. It comes with two years of warranty.

Boss Portable Blender Review - Big Boss Hand Blender, B115 model, Boss Blender Demo and Unboxing

It is having a lot of blades. We will talk about each blade in detail. It’s really very much important to use the right blade for the right purpose. Using this Blender you can do a lot of activities. You can do a lot of recipes and if you’re into preparing food, if you are into kitchen then you must use a Blender.

You can easily make buttermilk, Lassi, curd, vegetables, purses, mixes light dough and also crushes ice cubes.

In Box Accessories

There are a lot of accessories with this portable Blender. We will talk about each accessory in detail. You can also make cream, butter and custard. It is also used for cake dough. You can also make cocktails, milkshake, soup, etc. There is also a special soup Jar. You can make soup from boiled vegetables like tomato, spinach, etc.

We have unboxed it. There is instruction manual for the portable Blender. It has soup jar. With it you can make amazing soups as mentioned earlier. There is chutney attachment. You can make delicious Chutneys using it. This Boss Portable Blender is available in various colour variants.

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We like this white colour variant as it is matching to our kitchen. These are the various blades. Will talk about each blade in detail. Will also show you how to mount The Blade on the Blender. This is the MRP, it is having a price of rupees 1675.

Though you will get a decent discount if you check out the link below. To get amazing Deals And discounts don’t forget to follow us us on Instagram which is FlipLifestylecom. The stainless steel shaft is made of Amazing quality. It is slim and has ergonomic design.

Using the stainless steel shaft it will allow you to immerse the hand blender into a pan of hot food and it will carry out its job despite the heat. The Blender is having amazing design, attractive looks. It is having two speed levels. There are levels of speeds 1 and 2.

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Will also show you the operation of it. We can’t wait to show you the demo of this Boss Portable Blender. It is having 160 watt and maximum 3 minutes you can use it in one go. It’s completely Made in India which is an amazing thing. The Big Boss comes with a unique addional accessory.

There is also a chutney pot. Which is able to do the chutney grinding process a lot easier. This is very much highly durable and extremely strong. This is the soup Jar. One of our favourite accessory. It is perfect for keeping skins and pits out of the juices and helps preparing beverages without having to use a different utensil.

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This is the Wall mounting stand. After use, you can easily keep the Blender inside hanging around. It is very much lightweight and compact. Takes less space. This is the whisk blade. It is made for liquid, such as butter, butter milk, Lassi, curd,etc.

There is a Chopper blade which is able to make cocktails, milkshakes, soups, etc. This is the beater blade. It is able to whips beat and aerates cream, butter and custard. It’s also used for cake dough. This is the mincer blade, which minces and chops cook vegetables, purees and mixes light dough. Crushes ice cubes as well.

There is a Blade Remover. You can easily remove the attached blade from the Blender using the blade remover. We will also show you the demo and this is the instruction manual. There’s a lot of information mentioned inside the instruction manual.

Right from how to use the blade and how to use the various accessories and there are a lot of details mentioned inside it. In this way you can attach the Blade. So we have attached a chopper blade. We are making a milkshake, a healthy turmeric milk shake.

User Experience

Watch the video to see how you can easily attach it. To remove it you can use a blade remover. In this way very easily, using the blade remover you can detach the Blade. Now we are preparing a healthy turmeric milk. It is a cold milk and healthy drink. We are using the blender.

We’re using this Boss Big Boss Portable Blender on a daily basis. It is certainly very much helpful. If your daily cooking, then this Blender will be of certainly great help. We are making delicious dishes and blender helps us to make milk shakes and a lot of stuff.

It is your companion when it comes to regular day to day blending jobs in the kitchen. It is a 160 watt slim and elegant hand blender. It comes with 4 blades as shown earlier. There’s also attachment for dry or wet grinding. The soup jar is just amazing.

While making a soup the pulp remains in the Soup Jar. Easily you can make delicious soups within seconds. There is also Wall mounting stand. Easily after use you can just hang on the Blender onto it. You can save your precious space using the Wall mounting stand.

This is a great value for time. It will save you a lot of time in the kitchen, while making delicious dishes. If you are very much health conscious, then you can make amazing juices, milkshakes, within seconds. This is a hand blender, so it’s very simple to use and safe to use as well.

As shown in the video, we hope that you got to know about how to attach the Blade and also how to use it. Our experience with this Boss Bigg Boss Portable Blender model number B115 is just amazing. It comes with two years of warranty which is superb.

If you want to purchase the Boss Bigg Boss portable hand blender, kindly check out the link below to get amazing discount.

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