Bajaj Stormix 750W Mixer Grinder Review

If you love cooking then can you imagine life without a Mixer Grinder? Having a great mixer grinder is not only useful but necessary these days. This is the Bajaj Stormix 750 watt mixer grinder. There are a lot of accessories in this box.

Will talk about all the accessories in depth and detail and will talk about the features of this mixer grinder. Stay tuned and read the article till the end as we will also share our User experience with this appliance.

Bajaj Stormix 750W Mixer Grinder Review
Bajaj Stormix 750W Mixer Grinder


Inside the box you will get the Bajaj Stormix 750W Mixer Grinder, 3 Jars, Warranty card, User Manual and Spatula.


There are 3 Jars inside the box. The smallest one is the chutney jar. It is having a capacity of 0.3 litres. It is having a chutney blade as well. The medium sized jar is the dry or wet grinding jar. It is having a capacity of 1.2 litres and as you can see in the image it is having a very sturdy handle.

Very much lucrative design. Very much well built product. Looks amazing. It is very much easy to use. We will show you the application of this jar as well. As you can see in the image it has very much good handle. This jar has a multi-function blade. It’s really important to use the right jar for the right purpose. You can make a lot of grinding using this jar.

The largest one is the liquidizing jar. It is having a capacity of 1.7 litres. It is having a liquidizing blade. It is the largest jar among all. If you’re having a big family this is the best mixer grinder as there are a lot of huge jars available.

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For doing different processes like for chutney, it is having a chutney jar. For dry or wet grinding, it is having a dry or wet grinding jar and for liquidizing it is having a liquidizing jar.

There are 3 lids of these jars provided. These lids are made of a very good material. Very nicely packaged. There are special lids for the mixer/grinder jar and Liquidizing jar. You can close the lid properly. There is a small inlet in the lid which you can access and can put in some more water if required in the grinding jar during the grinding process or in the liquidizing jar. Time is very much crucial and this is an interesting product design feautre.

It’s very convenient to put in the water, there is no need to remove the lid completely. Very nice smart solution. In this way you can fix the lid properly and use this jar. Lids are really important in a mixer grinder.

You also get a spatula, and spatula is really important to change the Blades, for cleaning to remove the blades. Also you can use them to remove the food prom the mixer/grinder or from the chutney jar.

If you want to remove the blade, you can clean it properly. There is an user manual and it is having important instructions, so you must go through it. You also get a warranty card as well. You get two years of of warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor.

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Yes it is having 5 years warranty on the motor. It is having 100% copper motor. Inside this Bajaj stormix 750 watt mixer grinder you will get five years of warranty on the copper motor. Amazing product design, this mixer grinder does look amazing, very nice looks. so it does have a premium look.

The bottom side of the mixer grinder is well constructed. It is having a button of press to reset. This is an overload protector. Very good functionality in this mixer grinder. It’s really very much easy to fix the jar on the mixer grinder. Just place the jar and move it in a clockwise direction.

Very simple to use. We will show you the simple demonstration of this mixer grinder, where we will do a recipe and we will start the mixer grinder. It is having functional blades. There are of high strength, stainless steel blades. They are of good quality.

Stainless steel jar with SS blades and lid lock. It is having good lid lock mechanism. The housing material used is ABS plastic. The Dome lids for Jar are of polypropylene. The Blade material is pure stainless steel.

User Experience

Using the mixer grinder is simple. Before using it make sure you read out the User manual carefully. We will try out a recipe. We are making the pudina chutney in the chutney jar. We will add ingredients first in a Chutney jar.

We will show you how to operate this mixer grinder. We can’t wait to test this appliance out. Press the lid properly. Make sure the lid is closed properly. Then place the jar on to the mixer grinder. Fix it properly. It is having a Speed/Incher selector knob.

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You should increase the speed gradually. Don’t operate for a longer time. In a short intervals of time you should operate it. Very sweet sound from this mixer grinder. Not too loud and in this way you can make any kind of chutneys in this chutney jar.

You can use the other jars like the Liquidizing Jar for making juices/shakes or for dry or wet grinding. Never use the mixer grinder without the jar. This mixer grinder is very easy to clean. You can check the user manual and you will get a lot of details of how to clean this mixer grinder.

You can use a spatula with this mixer grinder and you can remove the blades and clean it properly. These are some of the tips from our side. We have used this mixer grinder and our experience was good. We have tried different kind of recipes and grinding and experience was just amazing.

Notable Features

This is a powerful motor of 750 watt and it is having a lot of features like overload protection, non-slip rubber feet. Large liquidizing jar of 1.7 litre which can be used for blending purposes. So you can make your shakes, juices with ease in this jar.

Ideal for large and small families too. Grind/Blend good amount of food in seconds and save your valuable time. The cleaning process is also nice and smooth. We liked the overall design of the Mixer Grinder and glad about the 2 in 1 feature of the provided Spatula.

It does not take that much space in the kitchen tops. It has very nice attractive design.

Final Verdict

It’s very easy to use and it’s a must use product for making any recipes because you need a good mixer grinder for sure. It is having a powerful motor. This is one of the best mixer grinders. If you want to purchase this device, kindly check out the link below.

It is having MRP of rupees 5799, though you will get good discount if you check out the link below. Grab the Bajaj Stormix 750 watt mixer grinder right now.

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