Chemtex Alstasan Silvox 150 Mist Review

In this pandemic it’s really very much important for your safety and you need a good disinfectant. Today we have Chemtex Alstasan Silvox 150 Mist. This is a fog and spray disinfectant. It is of one litre and can purchase it in a pack of 6 litres. We will also talk about the features of this disinfectant.

Chemtex Alstasan Silvox 150 Mist Review

Product Info

It is eco-friendly, odourless, skin friendly, no-rinse, colourless, tasteless and is Food grade as well. There are a lot of applications. It can be used for body sanitizing, room disinfection, vegetables washing, cutlery and grocery kitchen countertops, utensils and also on human skin.

Don’t use on cast iron and electronic devices. Most important, read full details on usage. There are a lot of details mentioned on the package.

How to Use?

We will talk about how to use it. It is ready to use formula. Simply fill the tank with Chemtex Alstasan Silvox 150 Mist and start spraying atomizers or disinfectant sprayers. Post application, allow the surface or skin to air dry.

No rinsing is required. Air dried for requisite amount of time can also be used with mist sprayers. We will also show you the application. It is very much clinically tested. The USP of this product is it is non-toxic and environment friendly. It is having a lot of certificate logos.

Safe to Use

It is approved and recommended by MOHFW, NTC and FDA. This is a 1 litre pack and it is having a price of rupees 220. It is advised to buy a package of minimum 6 litres so that you can use it at your home or at your office or at the factory premises. A disinfectant is very much necessary.

User Experience

Very nice product design. You can carry the bottle with you anywhere. You can use the trigger like this or you can also use a fog gun for disinfection. In this way you can attach a trigger and now you can use this bottle itself.

Safety is utmost important in this pandemic and using a good disinfectant spray is really very much important. As you saw we used this disinfectant on vegetables, also on the door knobs. Whenever the hands are getting touched, you should use a good disinfectant.

Discount Offer

The Chemtex Alstasan Silvox 150 Mist does it for you. The box contains 6 bottles of 1 litre each. You can directly buy it from their website. If you want amazing discount, kindly put the coupon code: FLIPLIFESTYLE and you will get a 5% exclusive discount on the minimum purchase of INR 2500 and offer is valid till 30th September 2020.

So hurry up guys, so if you want 5% discount on orders above 2500 rupees then this is the right time to purchase it. You can buy it at your home also at your factory or company and also for office. Do check out the link and the coupon code.

This disinfectant is having good fragrance and is very much easy to use and safe to use. Use the right the right disinfectant spray. We really loved this product. It’s a must buy products in this covid-19 situation and our lives are really very much important. To safeguard your lives use good disinfectant spray. What are you waiting for? Check out the link below and don’t forget to use our coupon code which is FLIPLIFESTYLE.

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