UV Doux Gold Silicone Sunscreen Gel Review

Looking for one of the best sunscreen gel which will protect your skin from harmful sunlight and is also water resistant? Today we have UV Doux Gold Silicone Sunscreen gel. Sunscreen are products that are placed in contact with human skin with the intention of absorbing scattering or reflection solar UV radiation.

This silicone sunscreen gel is enriched with Vitamin C and E, oil free and non-greasy formula, non comedogenic. Its water resistant. It’s also dermatologically tested and clinically proven. It is a 50 gram tube. The best part is that it is for all skin types.

You can apply it on face, neck and body. It’s an ultralight gel. Apply sunscreen to all bare skin. Also apply sunscreen every 2 hours in below cases like to remain protected if your outdoor. Immediately apply after swimming as well.

UV Doux Gold Silicone Sunscreen Gel Review

How to use it?

Apply liberally and evenly on the face, neck, body or exposed area of skin. 30 minutes before sun exposure. That is the direction for use. Precaution is avoid contact with eyes and flush with water if enters into eye accidentally. Keep out of reach of children and store in a cool dry and dark place. Do not freeze as well.

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Important Properties

Some of the important properties of this sunscreen gel is its having Matte finish, its water resistant, sweat resistant, its for all skin types. There are no colour additives as well.

Very nice looking tube. They have done a very good packaging as well. You can carry the tube with you anywhere, especially while traveling and on beaches. Also on rides in the sunlight you must use the sunscreen gel. Some of the benefits of using it is that it is having high protection with SPF 50 PA+++ which is really amazing.

It is enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The best part is that it is oil free as well. These are some of the benefits of using it. It is also photostable. UV filters offering Highly Effective UVA/UVB protection and is fortified with ingredients that nurtures and ensures long-lasting skincare.

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These vitamins are antioxidants which fight against free radicals under the skin and prevents photo damage and photo ageing. The vitamin C boosts and rebuilds collagen synthesis, which makes your skin firm and youthful. This is the silicone sunscreen gel. In this way shown in the video, you can apply it on your hand, legs, face and neck.

So wherever the sunlight can be exposed on your skin you must surely apply it. In this way you can certainly apply it. It’s really important to use it half hour before going to the sunlight. You can enjoy it on the beaches as well as in traveling.

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Even on a daily basis if your daily commuting in the sunlight, you must use the right sunscreen gel and this is one of the best sunscreen gel as it is having SPF 50 PA +++. It is oil free as mentioned earlier and it is water resistant as well.

If you want to purchase it kindly check out the link below. Do not use on damage or broken skin. We have used it for a few of a travel journeys and it was really amazing experience, it is certainly water resistant. I’ve experienced, it was amazing. You can also purchase it from the link below.

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