Seer Secrets Pore-Refining Multi Cleanser Review – for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Are you looking for a good multi cleanser for your dry and sensitive skin? Today we have Seer Secrets Pore-Refining Multi Cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. It is having honey and geranium. Cleanse, prevent, protect. It is having net weight of hundred ml. Very nice packaging.

Seer Secrets Pore-Refining Multi Cleanser Review - for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Premium packaging. There are a lot of details mentioned on this package.

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Some of the important ingredients include Raw Honey which clears out clogged pores. Geranium Essential oil treats acne. Rosewood Essential oil prevents wrinkles and premature ageing. Coconut and corn derivative base keeps skin moisturized and helps in healing wounds. These are some of the important ingredients.

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This product is made in India and it is dermatologically tested. No parabens and sulphates. It is authentic Ayurvedic formulation. There is also caution, avoid contact with the eyes. It is having MRP of rupees 387. Though you can get decent discount if you check out the link below.

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It is for dry sensitive skin. It uses unrefined Nepalese Honey, which is helpful for pore refining as a multi cleanser which is high in propolis. Ultimate packaging. As we can see this is a very nice bottle. There’s also cap, so after use you can keep it.

There are also details of how to use it on this package. A very good product design. It is a best winter face wash as it is non drying.

Benefits of using the Multi Cleanser

Some of the benefits include deep cleansing, removes oil and dirt, keep pores clean and clear, hydrates the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells. Those were the some of the benefits of this product. Here are some details mentioned about the brand with the product.

This face wash is an excellent formulation which replenishes lost moisture from your skin. Let’s share our experience with you.

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How to use it?

Will show you in the video, how to use it. Before using it, make sure you splash your face with warm water. After doing that, squeeze a small amount of Seer Secrets facial cleanser into your palms applied to your face in a circular motion.

Massage your face for about a minute and then rinse thoroughly with water. As you can see amazing glow on my face.

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Our Experience

This is a best cleanser I have ever used. The fragrance is wonderful and keeps feeling so cool and refreshed. Packaging is super classy and easy to use in a pump.

Honey doesn’t dry out skin and leaves skin smooth and plump. The enzymes in raw honey clarify skin and keep pores clear and clean. You must certainly try this out. It is for dry and sensitive skin. If you are having dry and sensitive skin then you must use this product.

If you want to purchase it, do check out the link below you will get amazing discount as well.

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