Life Makhana Mint Review

Looking for delicious healthy and tasty snack? Today we have Life Makhana Mint, Munch now feel wow. These are healthy munchies by Life. These are high in taste, gluten-free, also high in protein. There is nutrition information mentioned on the package.

Very nice packaging. Per 100 gram you get 499.6 kilocalories which is just amazing amount of energy. There are also important ingredients mentioned. It is having roasted Makhana, iodised salt, black salt, Yellow Chilli powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, spices and condiments. These are some of the ingredients in this package.

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Store in a cool and dry place. It is a 70 gram package and it is having MRP of rupees 149. This is a very nicely packaged product. We will unbox it. It is having a very nice opening. It is a tin lid. In the way you open a soda can, in this way you can open it. Very nice looking Makhana. I can’t wait to have it.

This is the Makhana mint flavour. It is for all age groups, filled with several nutritional benefits. Foxnuts are low sodium, low fat and low cholesterol. Making them and ideal snacks for weight watchers. These are high in protein, high in Magnesium and this is roasted Foxnut Makhana for you.

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We have tasted it. It’s really very much delicious. It’s a bit salty and tasty as well. You can have it anytime. You can Munch in your snacks time. Also before dinner, in evening time you can enjoy it. You can enjoy Makhana anytime. It is also travel friendly.

So after use, you can actually keep inside it, close the lid and you can carry it with you anywhere. That is one of the advantages. If you want to purchase it, kindly check out the link below.

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