Trivikrama Sesame Oil Review – Premium Cold Pressed Virgin Sesame Oil

Healthier option for normal food oil is very much important to inculcate in our diet. Today we have Trivikrama Premium Cold Pressed Virgin Sesame Oil. Lakdi Ghana is an ancient Indian method for churning oil and they have used this method to churning out this sesame oil.

It is having net volume of 500 ml. There are various benefits of using the sesame oil. These are the Nutrition Facts. We will talk about the various features, that is the benefits of this sesame oil.

Benefits of Sesame Oil:

✅ Strengthens the bones

✅ Lower bad cholesterol (LDL)

✅ Promotes healthy skin

✅ Burns extra fat

✅ Lowers blood pressure

✅ Aids in weight loss

Sesame seeds are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. They also contain copper, zinc, magnesium, Iron and Calcium. It is having MRP of rupees 350. 

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Trivikrama Sesame Oil:

✅ Helps to maintain good skin health

✅ Slows cognitive disorders

✅ Oil pulling for oral health

✅ High source of unsaturated fats

✅ Helps in Rheumatoid arthritis

✅ Contains antioxidants

✅ Helps fight Stress & Depression

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There are many benefits of using sesame oil. This is the Premium Cold Pressed Virgin sesame oil from Trivikrams. This is a 100% natural oil and the ingredients have been taken from the local farmers. If you want to purchase it do checkout the link below.

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