Trivikrama Safflower Oil Review – Coldpressed Virgin Safflower Oil

Looking for healthy cooking oil? Well then you are at the right place. Its important to consume healthy food, and cooking oil being the base of most of the food. Today we have Trivikrama Safflower Oil. This is a premium Coldpressed virgin oil. It is made using the Lakadi Ghana method.

Trivikrama Safflower Oil Review – Coldpressed Virgin Safflower Oil

So Lakadi Ghana is an ancient Indian method for churning oil. Staying fit and eat right, enjoy your food with taste is really important these days. Not only you can enjoy the food but get good healthy oil for sure. This is the traditional oil method this is coldpressed virgin safflower oil.

These are the nutrition facts. It is 100% vegetarian product. It is a healthful source of fatty acids, improves blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, boosts heart health, fights inflammatory, soothes dry skin, safe for cooking at high temperatures as well.

This oil is a popular cooking oil that comes from the seeds of the Safflower plant. It is having a price of rupees 375 for 1 litre that is the MRP. Best before 6 months of use from the manufacturing date. There are no preservatives and no harmful chemicals in it.

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We will prepare paneer pakoda, it is a very much delicious dish. We are using trivikrama safflower oil. This is a premium coldpressed virgin oil. As we can see the oil is getting heated. Paneer is ready, it is put in the batter and we are now frying it in this oil.

It not only looks amazing but there is nice fragrance as well. We can’t wait to eat it. Healthy oil is really important. Using a healthy cooking oil has a lot of benefits as mentioned earlier. Trivikrama oil is 100% organic product, where the raw materials are purchased from the organic farms only.

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There are no preservatives and no harmful Chemicals as mentioned. It is 100% organic product. It is also known as Kardai Tel. Safflower Oil is also known as Kardai Tel in Marathi. It is also helpful to maintain the insulin levels which is helpful for the diabetic patients.

It also helps in preventing high blood pressure and also in preventing heart diseases. These are some of the benefits of this oil. Trivikrama are a group of researchers who research on the ancient Indian technology which is 500-1000 years ago on how was the lifestyle of the ancient Indian which used to follow which makes them live long healthy life.

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Their focus is to bring back the age-old tech and benefited to peoples in common. Coldpressed oils are rich in nutrition value. They are free from harmful Chemicals and they have high level of HDL of good cholesterol. It also helps in boosting immunity system and they are rich in vitamin E.

That is the advantage of using the cold pressed oil. That’s it from our side. If you want to purchase this healthy oil, check out the link below. You might get discount as well. Watch the below video as we prepare delicious Paneer Pakodas using the Trivikrama Safflower Oil.

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