Premier Easy Grind Wet Grinder Review

Looking for a wet grinder to make the perfect batter for idli, dosa or uttapam? Well then you must know about Premier Easy Grind Wet Grinder. In this review we will be sharing our experience with this wet grinder and also how to use it. There are many features and you can grind many things in this wet grinder. Its like a father of a mixer grinder in terms of grinding. Let us have a look at the features of this appliance.

Premier Easy Grind Wet Grinder Review

Premier Easy Grind Wet Grinder Features

  • 2 Litre grinding capacity
  • Ultra Light Weight Drum
  • 200 Watts Power
  • Item Weight : 8164 grams
  • See-through polycarbonate Lid with water spout
  • Innovative Air Flow Cooling
  • Table Top Style
  • Product Dimensions : 23 x 23 x 29 cm
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Accessories : Measurement Cup, Manual Book & Silicone Spatula
  • Designed especially to make grinding of idli/dosa/vada pastes perfectly
  • Wet Grinder in the size of a Mixer Grinder
  • World’s 1st Light Weight Wet Grinder
Premier Easy Grind Wet Grinder Review


This wet grinder has a novel double pusher design which provides the perfect Wave Motion. This is helpful for the batter to get under the grinding stones continuously which saves a lot of time. The size of this wet grinder is really equal to that of a normal mixer grinder.

Aesthetically this wet grinder looks stunning as it has a red color base and steel container. The quality of the stones used in grinding seem to be great. Also the stones are shaped correctly and designed with perfection. This wet grinder is made with quality materials and seems to be providing a long lasting performance.

Premier Easy Grind Wet Grinder Review

The best part is that the flat stone is intelligently used only in the area where the actual grinding happens. There is a 100% clear polycarbonate lid with spout through which you can easily add water while grinding. There is a special multi-start thread on the top lock and center shaft which makes the fixing easy and quick.

User Experience

It is super simple to grind the urad dal and rice dal for making the idli/dosa/vada/uttapam batter. You can grind the urad dal first and then the rice dal later which is good for cleaning later. You just have to add the dal and water as per the need and start the grinding process. Make sure that the top lock with the spring is tightly fixed.

Premier Easy Grind Wet Grinder Review

You have to switch ON the grinder which immediately starts the grinding. You can add water through the transparent lid through the spout. Within just few minutes your batter is ready. One thing which we observed was that the dal was grinded uniformly and evenly.

Premier Easy Grind Wet Grinder Review

The cleaning is very easy, as you can lift the rollers with ease with the help of stone holder. You can make batter for idli, dosa, vada and uttapam. It takes very less space in your kitchen and you can keep it on kitchen table top. You can just start the grinding and leave it and you can do other work. There are optional accessories like Atta Kneader and Coconur Scraper. The Atta Kneader can be used to make Atta in this wet grinder. Also you can scrape Coconut using the coconut scraper.

Final Words

This is the perfect light weight wet grinder for making the batter of idli/dosa/uttapam/vada with ease. This wet grinder is available in Pink, Red and Yellow color variants. Its certainly recommended as it will save your valuable time and will make perfect idli/dosa batter with ease. Get best discount if you purchase from the link below.

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