Voltmi Yogurt Maker Review

Do you want to make thick, creamy and perfect dahi at home? Well then you must know about the Voltmi Yogurt Maker. Now you can make delicious Yogurt at home with the use of this Yogurt Maker. We have used this yogurt maker and will share our experience too in this review.

Voltmi Yogurt Maker Review


This yogurt maker is made with environmental protection plastic. There is a transparent lid as well. There is a Food Grade Stainless Steel utensil inside. This yogurt maker is available in 3 color variants which include Blue, Green and Pink. We have the Pink color variant which does look aesthetically good. Overall this is a cute and well designed Yogurt Maker. There is also LED indicator which show cases if the Yogurt maker is ON or OFF. Now lets get to know how you can make dahi at home with ease.

Voltmi Yogurt Maker Review

How to make home made dahi using Voltmi Yogurt Maker

Its very easy to make home made dahi using the Volti Yogurt Maker. You can mix 50 ml of fresh yogurt/dahi/curd with 700ml to 800ml of fresh milk. Mix it well and then cover the lid. Turn ON the Voltmi Yogurt maker. Then wait for 8-10 hours and you fresh and healthy yogurt is ready. So you can easily make healthy yogurt at home. Fresh and creamy dahi/curd/yogurt will be ready to be served. The best part is that you can make healthy dahi or yogurt at home perfectly and easily.

Our Experience

So we made healthy and nutritious dahi/yogurt/curd in this Yogurt maker. The experience was smooth and amazing. As mentioned earlier it is very easy to use. Using this yogurt maker, it is able to curdle the milk well giving us more probiotics. So yogurt/dahi made from this yogurt maker is great for brain, skin, liver, gut health and kidney. Its also superb for kid’s health as it provides calcium which is great to promote growth in children. There is automatic temperature regulation.

Voltmi Yogurt Maker Review

Normally in winter season dahi does’nt become thick. But with this Yogurt maker let it be any season Dahi/yogurt/curd will be made with thicker consistency.

Final Words

If you want to make the perfect dahi/yogurt/curd at home then you must get this yogurt maker. This is a must have at home to make healthy, creamy, thick dahi in any season perfectly. Voltmi Yogurt Maker is available at discounted price, kindly checkout the link below.

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